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Best Camping Fixed-Blade Knives

At a Glance: Our Top Picks

#TOP 1

Ccanku C1691 Fixed Blade Knife D2 Steel G10 Handle 4 Inches,Outdoor Survival Claw Teeth Knife,Camping EDC Tools


#TOP 2

Ottoza Handmade Damascus Tracker Knife with Bone Handle - Survival Knife - Camping Knife - Damascus Steel Knife - Damascus Hunting Knife with Sheath Horizontal Carry Fixed Blade Knife No:115


#TOP 3

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade, 4.1-Inch


Top 23 Best Camping Fixed-Blade Knives 2023


Ccanku C1691 Fixed Blade Knife D2 Steel G10 Handle 4 Inches,Outdoor Survival Claw Teeth Knife,Camping EDC Tools

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High-quality Swedish Steel is razor sharp and incredibly tough; Stainless Steel Blades Stay Sharper Longer than Carbon Steel and Are Less prone to Rust

This versatile fixed-blade outdoor knife is ideal for cutting, food prep, and carving.

For greater control, safety, and performance, especially in cold and wet conditions, the pattern-patterned, high-friction grip sits comfortably in your hand.

Included is a color-matching plastic sheath with belt clip; Manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty; Made in Sweden

Blade Length 4.1 Inches (104 mm), Blade Thickness 0.1 Inch (22.5 Mm), Overall Length 8.6 Inches (218 mm), Weight W/Sheath 4.1 Oz. (116 G)

Because it is a trusted companion, Companion is our most loved knife. This knife is great for both beginners and more advanced outdoor enthusiasts. Companion is a great knife for adventure and a true all-purpose knife. The tang runs three quarters of the length of the knife so you can use power and precision. The stainless steel blade makes knife care easy. The knife’s soft friction grip is made from TPE rubber. It feels secure and stable to use. The knife’s polymer sheath has a belt clip that allows you to attach it to your Backpack.


Ottoza Handmade Damascus Tracker Knife with Bone Handle - Survival Knife - Camping Knife - Damascus Steel Knife - Damascus Hunting Knife with Sheath Horizontal Carry Fixed Blade Knife No:115

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7CR17 Stainless Steel Blade – This Blade is Made For Extreme Conditions. The thick top edge is extremely strong for tough jobs and long life. Razor-Sharp Edges Are Easy to Sharpen, and Last Longer. The thick top edge also features a serrated section that is ideal for cutting rope, shredding wood for fire starting material and it works well in conjunction with the included Magnesium fire starter tool for creating sparks to start fires.

Fixed Blade Knife-The Extremus Camping Knife Features a 3.5 inch fixed blade that is thick, strong and has a serrated top edge. This knife is ideal for camping, hunting, fishing, and other home uses. This knife is ideal for emergency use.

Non-Slip TPR Molded handle – Extremus Camping Knife is Ready to Use in All Weather Conditions. The handle is non-slip and TPR molded. It provides a secure grip under any conditions. It also features a 750 lb. Paracord Wrist Lanyard for When the Knife is Dropped. You can also use the Paracord as an emergency fire starting material by separating and creating a small pile of the interior Strands, and then striking the Magnesium Fire Starter for lighting your fire.

Magnesium fire starter – This Magnesium fire starting tool is included with the Extremus camping knife. It fits neatly into the top of the sheath. The Magnesium Stick can be ignited by striking the camp knife’s serrated edge against the back. The Magnesium Fire Starter is neatly stored in its sheath so it can be used quickly.

A durable safety sheath – Extremus Camping Knife includes a glass-filled nylon-molded sheath that will keep your knife safe and ready to use, whether you carry it on your belt or store it in a pack or vehicle. The durable sheath protects the razor-sharp blade and provides a place to store the Magnesium fire starter between uses.

Extremus Camping Knife comes in three colors: Black with Orange, Black and Chartreuse Green, and Black with Gray.

Extremus fixed-blade knives are ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting, fishing, and general home use. The 3.5-inch fixed blade is made from durable, corrosion-resistant 7CR17 stainless steel. This stainless blade not only maintains an edge for longer, but can also be easily sharpened back to factory specifications to create a razor-sharp edge.

Extremus Camping Knife features a non-slip TPR-molded handle that offers a secure grip in all conditions. A 750 lb. weight handle is also included. Paracord wrist lanyard for protection in the event of a knife being dropped. Paracord can also be used to start an emergency fire by being separated and piled up.

The sheath also includes a magnesium fire-starting tool, which can be stored neatly in the top. To create super-hot sparks that will ignite all kinds of fire-starting materials, you can use the sharpened edge of your camp knife to strike the magnesium stick with the back of the knife. The sheath stores it in a neat place so that it is always available.

Extremus’ top edge is 3.3mm thick. It features a serrated section that allows for cutting or shredding.


Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade, 4.1-Inch

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Made in Olean New York (U.S.A).

Full Tang Heavy Duty Field Knife Suitable for Camping Chores

Made by KA-BAR Knives Inc.

Design by Ethan Becker

Includes a Hard Shell Black Nylon Sheath


All those who hunt, camp, or spend time outdoors. The Companion can split kindling just as well as prying apart bones and skinning game. It’s also great for chopping onions for campfire chili. The sheath has a spot where you can press down with your thumb to release it. To ensure safety, the knife is locked into place so that it does not fall out. It is not a defect. To remove the knife from the sheath, one must press down on a specific spot.

The KA-BAR Becker Companion Knife & Tool are great tools to have on your next hunting and camping trip. This lightweight knife is made from durable 1095 crovan steel and is ideal for cutting onions, splitting kindling, or skinning game. The knife has a drop point blade and a flexible 20-degree angle. The Grivory handle provides a comfortable grip for outdoor tasks. The overall length of the flat blade is five-and-a-half inches and the overall length is ten-and a quarter inches. To keep the knife sharp and safe, it comes with a nylon sheath made of glass-filled nylon. The Companion knife is made in the USA and can handle any outdoor adventure.


BPS Knives HK1S - Utility Knife - Fixed-Blade Outdoor Knife - Camping Bushcraft Knife With Leather Sheath - Carbon Steel Full-Tang Fixed Blade Knife - Scandinavian Sharpening Camp Knife with Wood Handle

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GCS Blade: Made from D2 Tool Steel – Heat treated and oil quenched to achieve a hardness of 59 HRC. Aluminum Rod Pins, Brass Tube Lanyard Hole and High Polished Stainless Bolsters. The sharpened edge curves upwards, meeting it at the tip. The back edge is not sharp so you can press it with your fingers to add pressure or force, mainly for cutting. The Hunting Knife Every Hunter Must Have.

KNIFE DIMENSIONS – Overall Length 9.25 Inch, Blade Length 5.25 Inch, Handle Length 4.25 Inch

MICARTA HANDLE – It Usually Has a Softer Feel in The Hand. Micarta is a laminate of organic material that has been dried in resin. Micarta is a strong and durable material that has become a favorite for use in heavy-duty survival knives and fixed blade knives.

LEATHER KNIFE SHEET: We offer a custom-made knife with sheath. The Must-Have Leather Sheath is made of durable heavy-duty stitching that adds safety to tactical knives, durability and integrity.

SUITABLE PURPOSES: This Knife is a perfect Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife that can be used as a hunting knife, camping knife, rescue knife, and every day care (EDC) purpose.

GCS304 (Black) is 100% handcrafted and forged from 15N20 and 1095 high carbon steel. It has been forging layers upon layers of skinning knives for many hours. This blade can quickly and efficiently cut through any animal’s hide.

GCS Custom Knives

We offer a variety of hunting knives, bushcraft knives and camping knives. These knives are made for outdoor enthusiasts who love hunting and camping. GCS knives are made with top quality European materials. They are durable and professional. GCS Knives is the answer to your hunting knife needs. Our Hunt knives are designed to withstand the harshest conditions in any field. We are proud to have worked alongside some of the best hunters and hardest working people in the industry over the years. By analyzing every part of the knife, we will help you to identify its characteristics. They are not mass-produced in large quantities in Far East factories. This gives us complete control over the quality and materials.


It can be used when it is possible

Designed for precision and control. This multi-purpose hunting survival knife is perfect for any task.

It is suitable for many hunting, survival, tactical and outdoor situations.


KCCEDGE BEST CUTLERY SOURCE Tactical Knife Survival Knife Hunting Knife 6pcs Fixed Blade Knife Set Razor Sharp Edge Camping Accessories Camping Gear Survival Kit Survival Gear Tactical Gear 52593

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Hunting knives are a great tool for hunting! This Outdoor Knife has all the hunting features you’re looking for: Tanto Point and Serrated Edge, as well as a Field Processing Gut Hook.

WEYLAND offers its own “All-In-1” tactical fixed blade knife – Survival Knife. Hunting Knife. Camping Knife. And even a military knife. The Survival Knife offers a wide range of features.

This Survival Knife is made of durable 3Cr13 stainless steel and measures at 10.75 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. A durable, double-stitched nylon sheath is included with a belt loop.

Outdoor Knives Dont Stop At Hunting. This Full Tang Survival Knife can also be used as a heavy duty hiking knife and camping knife. A survival knife like this makes a great Boy Scout Knife.

But these Survival Knives are not limited to the battlefield. These knives are also great for military use: You can get an Army Knife or USMC Knife as well as a Cuchillos Militares, Scout Carry Knife and Cuchillos Militares Knife. You can also add this Fixed-Blade Knife.

The Weyland Outdoors Survival Knife…

Weyland Outdoors Survival Knife is the strongest knife we have ever made. Our Survival Knives are versatile enough to be carried outdoors in any situation. It is made of 3Cr13 Stainless steel and measures 10.75 inches in length and 1.5 inches wide at its widest point. The main blade section has a Tanto Tip Design, 1.25 inches of Aggressive Serrations and a Gut Hook. There is even a Slotted Fuller & Glassbreaker. To keep your Survival Knife secure and ready for use, we include a nylon sheath with a belt loop that is double-stitched. This knife is a great choice for anyone who needs it.


WEYLAND Survival Bugout Knife with Sheath - Bushcraft Hunting Knife and Outdoor Hiking or Camping Knife, Fixed Blade Full Tang Military Knife for Army, USMC, Scout Men/ Boy Scout, to Carry on a Belt

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SAFE CARRYING: Full Tang Knife With Leather Sheath Features a Belt Loop for Vertical Carrying. Perfect as Everyday Carrying (EDC), Knife. Handmade Leather Case Made From Premium Genuine Leather of the Best Quality

MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE: The Full Tang Outdoor Fixed Blade Knife With Sheath is the best for survival, camping, or bush craft gears. It’s also perfectly suited for drilling, cutting, piercing and other bushcraft tasks

SHARP BLADES: The Bush Belt Knife Blade is made of durable High Carbon Steel 1066, hardened to 56-57 HRC, and has a razor sharp edge blade right out of the box.

Made in Ukraine

HANDY SIZE – The Compact Full Tang Lightweight Survival Knife has a 3.7 inch Drop Point Blade and 7.9 inches Total Size. It is perfect for carrying in the backpack, bag, or survival kit.

DIMENSIONS: Overall length – 200 Mm (8 Inches), blade length – 93Mm (3 Inches), blade thickness – 2 Mm (0.08Inches), weight – 75 grams (3.5 Oz. ), Weight Wit Sheath 100 Grams (3.5 Oz.

BPS Knives Full Tang BS1FTS Fixed Blade Heavy Duty Knife


Utility knife with fixed blade

Full tang knife handle

Blade of BS1FTS fixed-blade survival knife made from carbon steel. It has a full tang handle. This blade is very durable and can be used to do any bush activity, such as batoning wood, cutting logs and sticks, and preparing food.

Handle: Lightweight Ashwood made, ergonomically designed. Danish oil coated. The knife’s handle is made from natural wood and fits comfortably in your hand, providing you with greater control, safety, performance, and comfort.

The lightweight sheath is made from genuine leather and offers safe and comfortable carrying. The loop on the bush knife leather case can be used to carry it vertically with a belt or strap. Only leather covers can provide a true natural experience.

The camp knife is compact in size. It can be used for everyday carry, bushcraft, survival activities, and as part or camping gear.

High CARBON Steel blades can rust! !

Be careful!

After you have used the knife, rinse it and dry it. .

Please wipe off the gun oil coating on the knife blade before you use it for your first time.


Benchmade - 15006 Steep Country Knife, Drop Point Blade, Plain Edge, Orange Santoprene Handle

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This DAMASCUS KNIFE was designed to be used as a HUNTER! Ottoza damascus-steel tracker knife has been made with the greatest care and attention to detail. Perfect outdoor knife, hunting knife, camping knife, survival knife, fighting knife, combat knife, and bushcraft knife. The Ottoza damascus is a great tracker knife. This knife is a great survival/hunting gear, and can be used to open aluminum cans or hunt wild animals.


10 inches total length, 5 inches handle and 5 in. blade Decorative Fix Blade Knife/Hunstman knife for Collectors. When your tracker knife is not in use, you can display his handcrafted art in your home so that others can admire its beauty and craftsmanship. PROPER CARE WILL NOT RESULT IN RUST. With proper care, your Handmade Damascus Steel Custom knife will last for many years. Keep it clean and oil the knife if not in use for a while.





Ruike Camping Small Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath 360 Rotate, 14c28n Tactical Full-tang Large Big Stainless Steel,Hunting Survival Bushcraft Top Hiking Tool,Men EDC Outdoor Belt Hidden Horizontal Case

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[Full Tang Fixed Blade] This fixed blade knife blade is made of 5Cr15MoV Martensitic high carbon steel with 56HRC hardness. It has excellent strength, edge retention and corrosion resistance.

[Dimensions] Overall length: 9-3/4 inches; blade length: 4-3/4 inches; blade thickness: 4.3mm; weight: 4.44 Oz.

[Multipurpose] This Fixed Blade Knife Can Be Used For Camping, Hiking and Other Outdoor Occasions. It can also be used for bushcraft, gardening, and weeding.

[Excellent Portable Knife] The Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife With Leather Sheath Weighs 4.44 Oz. You can use it as a belt knife or boot knife. To prevent accidental blade slippage, the leather sheath has a strong button closure and a belt loop. This Knife is a great choice for any emergency.

[Ergonomic wooden handle] Beautiful rosewood handle, polished smooth, excellent feel, Ergonomically designed curved handle, non-slip, labor-saving, easy to carry.


The thick leather sheath protects the knife and makes it look even more stunning. This allows you to carry the knife securely and safely.


Fixed blade knife blade made from 5Cr15MoV martensitic high-carbon steel with 56HRC hardness.


This fixed blade knife features a groove on the back to prevent slippage and cutting. It is also finely designed to make it easier to use.



This fix-blade knife’s handle is made from rosewood with a smooth, ergonomic surface.


The fix blade knife is equipped with a leather sheath that has a secure button closure to keep it from accidentally injuring or slipping.


The Lanyard hole on this fix blade knife makes it easy to hang in your backpack.

9-Inch Fixed Blade Knife Folding Pocket Knife 13inch Machete Knife


Extremus Camping Knife, Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with 7CR17 Stainless Steel Blade, 3.5-Inch, Hunting Knife with Firestarter, TPR Molded Non-Slip Handle, Molded Safety Sheath, Paracode Lanyard

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STURDY FULL-TANG DUTY BELTED KNIFE: The HYENAS Knife features a full-tang design with brushed finish, which provides comfort and balance. Full Tang Knives are robust, reliable, and sturdy, which is why they’re great for bushcraft knives.

SUPERIOR BLADES STEEL: This hunting blade is sharpened with a full flat grind and has a satin finish. This high quality 440 stainless steel knife has a thin, highly refined cutting edge. It’s ideal for cutting, strength and chopping.

MEN’S GIFT: The NedFoss Knife is Great for Outdoor Activities. Backpacking, Hunting and Fishing. Walking, Hiking, Sailing. Gardening. Camping. This is the perfect Fixed Blade Field Knife. It is extremely sharp, high-hardness, and cool!

HIGH-STRENGTH, LIGHTWEIGHT KYDEX SHEET: This is the sharp outdoor camping knife you are looking for. Multiple carrying methods, including a lanyard hole and a Kydex sheath with universal clip can be adjusted horizontally and vertically for the best carrying angle. The removable and adjustable bar on the clip can also be used on any size belt for easy portability.

EXQUISITE RIPPLE TEXTURE – A Epoxy-Filled Woven Glass Fiber that Is Rigid and Resistant to Chemicals and Temperature Changes. G10 Is Insulation, Good Abrasion Resistance, Moisture Proof, Anti-Slip.



The tang is the connecting shank, prong or fang between the handle and the blade. There are many types of tang. Of all the options for making fixed knives, the strongest is full tang.


Morakniv Bushcraft Stainless Steel 4.3-Inch Fixed-Blade Survival Knife with Fire Starter and Sharpener

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MATERIAL: The Blade is Made from Reliable 420HC Steel. It Provides Razor Sharp Cutting and a Black G10 Handle Deep Index Finger Indentation. This provides an Extremely Secure Grip, non-slip. For superior hand control, agility, and comfort, Accord with Human Body Engineering

DIMENSIONS 9 Inch (23 Cm), Overall Blade Length of 3.9 Inches (10 Cm), and a Weight of 9.5 Ounces

OERLA Knives come with a limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.

FEATURE: Outdoor camping hiking knives that are the best. Multiple carrying methods, Lanyard Hole, and Lightweight Kydex Material Sheath allow for easy portability. You can use the end of your handle for multiple purposes, such as glass breaker.

DESIGN: OERLA Outdoor Duty Fixed-Blade Knife Was Designed By A Retired Veteran. This knife is more suitable for your cutting. The steel’s crystalline structure is enhanced by precise cryogenic tempering. This increases its strength, flexibility, hardness, and endurance.

OERLA OLX004 outdoor straight fixed knife knife is a great choice if you are a fan fixed blade field knives. The knife’s 420HC Stonewashed Steel blade and G10 handle provide all the cutting power, control, agility, comfort, and hand control you could ever need. OERLA fixed blade created by a veteran and is now working with our manufacturer. A perfect blade radius and cutting force are more appropriate for your job. The steel’s crystal structure is enhanced by cryogenic tempering. This increases strength, flexibility and hardness. It also allows for the holding of a sharp edge over time, giving you all the cutting edge that you need. A steel point is located at the base of this handle and can be used to hammer. The Kydex lightweight Kydex material sheath can be adjusted to suit your carrying angle. Also, the adjustable and removable spacers can be attached to any size belt for portability.



OERLA’s field knife are made by a veteran who works with our manufacturer

Oerla TAC OLF-1009 Fixed-Blade Outdoor Duty Knife Oerla TAC Knives OLHM-012 Fixed-Blade Outdoor Duty Knife Small Cleaver Knife Oerla Tactical OL-0121SD Fixed-Blade Knives Small Warrior Series Fixed-Blade Knife Field Knife Camping Knife Oerla TAC TF0017 Thunder Flash Fixed-Blade Outdoor Duty Straight Knife Oerla TAC Transepticon Blade Stainless Steel



Eafengrow EF109 Fixed Blade Knife D2 Steel Blade G10 Handle Field Utility Knife with Kydex Sheath for Outdoor Camping Hiking

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The top grade 14C28N Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade features razor sharpness, high hardness, exceptional toughness, and corrosion resistance

Full Tang Stainless Steel Knife With MOLLE Multi-Mount Systems Is Strong Enough to Take on Hard Tasks Without Risk Of Breaking

Total Length 9.0 inches (229 Mm); blade Length 4.3 inches (109 Mm); blade Thickness 0.13inches (3.2 Mm); weight 9.6 Oz. (272 G)

Square-Edged Ground Spine blade can be used as a striker with Firesteel (sold separately)

MOLLE Compatible Mount System Securely Attaches Knife To Vehicles, Clothing, or Packs.

Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife, 4.3 inches, with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade and w/MOLLE Multi Mount System

The Morakniv Garberg, a strong, full-tang, stainless steel knife, is the most durable Morakniv ever produced. There are three options available: a handsome leather sheath, a multi-mount MOLLE system with accessories that allows you to fasten the Garberg onto bags, clothing, walls or vehicles, and a polyamide sheath. Garberg’s full-tang blade extends across the entire length of knife. This makes it the ideal fixed blade knife to handle tough tasks without fear of breaking. The Morakniv Garberg’s blade is made of top-quality Swedish Sandvik 14C28N stainless. It has exceptional edge performance, razor sharpness and high hardness. Garberg’s version with MOLLE Compatible mounts includes the Garberg knife and a polyamide sheath. Secondary lock can be used to carry multiple Morakniv knives. Belt loop, multi-mount base. Velcro straps are narrower than others. There are two widths.

Mora has a long history of knife-making. For more than 400 years, we have been making sharp knives for the rest. Morakniv’s journey began in 1891, when Frost-Erik Erson returned home to Ostnor in Mora from four years in North America. The first seed for the timber sled factory was planted by Erson. This would become Morakniv.

There are many different types of knives available. There are models with shorter or longer blades, larger handles or smaller ones, as well as different types of steel and features. All our knives share one thing in common: they were designed to serve their intended purpose. We have models that can be used for construction, handicraft, cooking, and outdoor recreation.


Morakniv Garberg Sandvik Stainless Steel Full-Tang Fixed-Blade Survival Knife With Multi-Mount Sheath, 4.3 Inch

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HIGH QUALITY Fixed Blade Knife made of high quality 1066 carbon steel. It is hardened to 56-57 HRC, and holds an edge well. It is well balanced. The handle of the knife is made of walnut wood and coated with Danish oil. This allows it to resist dirt and moisture. The handle is secured with ties and can be easily unscrewed to clean the knife.

SHARP BLADES: Full Tang Bushcraft Knife made of Carbon Steel and Leather Case Razor-Sharp Durable Fixed Blade Has True Scandi Grind. The Camp Knife is sharp right out of the box

SAFE CARRYING: The Camp Knife Adventurer CSHF comes with a leather sheath with ferro rod that allows you to carry the knife on a belt or in a backpack. The Ferro Rod is useful in all situations.

The Perfect Gift: A Must-Have Thing for People Who Love to Fish, Hunt, Camp, and Spend Time Actively. This is a great gift for true knife lovers

Made in Ukraine

DIMENSIONS: Total Length – 10 Inches(255 Mm). Blade Length -5 1/3 Inches (135 Mm). Handle Length – 4 2/3 Inches(120 Mm). Blade Width: 1.2 Inch (30 Mm). Blade Thickness: 0.1 Inches (2,8 Mm). Weight without Sheath – 5.7 Oz (160 Grams). Weight with Ferro Rod and Sheath – 10.2 Oz (290 Grams).

CLEAN BEFORE USE: If the knife’s blade has been coated with gun oil, please wipe it off before you use it for the first time. The blade is made of high-carbon steel, it can rust! Take care not to place the knife in a crowded environment. After using the knife, rinse it and dry it.

BPS Knives’ Adventurer fixed-blade full-tang knife with Ferro rod


Fixed-blade utility knife Genuine leather sheath

Full tang carbon steel knife

Spearpoint blade shape Carbon Steel – 1066

Hardness 56-57 HRC

True Scandi Grind blade

The leather sheath for fire steel is made from natural leather. It is glued with strong nylon thread and then stitched with thick leather (3 mm).

Ready to use (shaving clean out of the box).

Suspension free

Ergonomic walnut handle (Danish oil covering)

A well balanced knife

Sheath with Dangle

Made in Ukraine


Total length: 10 inches (255 mm).

Blade length – 5 1/3 inches(135 mm)

Handle length – 4 2/3 inches(120 mm)

Blade width – 1.2 inches (30 mm).

Blade thickness – 0.1 inch (2,8 mm).

Weight without sheath: 5.7 oz (160 grams).

Weight with Ferro Rod and sheath – 10.2 oz (290 grams).


High CARBON Steel blades can rust! !

Be careful!

After you have used the knife, rinse it and dry it.

Please wipe off the gun oil coating on the knife blade before you use it for your first time.


Swiss+Tech Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath, 4.8'' Full Tang Camping Knife with Stainless Steel Blade, Non-Slip Wooden Handle,Lanyard Hole, for Bushcraft, Hiking, Outdoor

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This outdoor knife is made of solid full-tang 420HC steel with a CNC sharpening blade. It cuts razor-sharp. Hardness up to 58HRC This is a high strength, high toughness outdoor knife.

[Dimensions] Overall Length 8.7″, Blade Length 3.9″ and Weight 0.55lbs

[Warranty] The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers this product. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us.

[Non Slip G10 Handle] The G10 Handle provides a firm and comfortable grip experience without any slippage. It is lightweight and easy to carry. Suit for left-handed or right-handed users

[Feature] Outdoor Tactical Knife of the Year. Outdoor use integration includes Jagged, Simple Small Pry Bars, Lanyard Holes and Multi-Purpose Punch points, such as Glass Breaker

Cutting Steel Plate

This is the first step. It is very precise and requires a punctilious person.

CNC Milling

Each product is checked individually to ensure quality

Drill hole and machining hand

To ensure that every handle is installed exactly, make a hole by hand

The Knife edge has been heat-treated and polished

To forge a blade takes great skill. Our engineers have over 20 years experience.

Razor Sharp

Straight out of the box. This fixed-blade knife is ideal for camping expeditions, survival training, hunting and adventure, fighting survival, self defense, and home use.

Kydex Sheath

The knife comes with a strong Kydex sheath. It is perfect to protect the knife’s edge and makes it easy to carry.


iField 150 Survival Camping Fixed Blade Knife with red Micarta Handle and 440C Blade Steel, 58-60 HRC of Hardness, Camping Tool for Fishing, Hunting, Sport Activity

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Stainless Steel Blade: 7CR13 Steel, anti-Rusting, HRC50-5, Matte Stonewashed non-reflective surface provides improved edge retention, toughness, and corrosion resistance

Dimensions: Blade Length 3″, Blade Thickness 9/64″; Handle Lng 3″, Overall Length 6″, Weight 2.5 Oz; Parachute Cord 36-1/4″

Survival Paracord: Includes a Parachute Cord to Sustain Tension from 500 to 550 Lbs and Overall Width of 36-1/4 Inch. Can be used as a Shoelace or Watch Belt, Replace Broken Drawstrings, Secure a Tent, etc.

Sapele Wood Handle With Sheath & Choker: The Sapele Wood Handle is Lightweight and Textured. It Provides Comfortable Grip, Balance, and Ergonomic Handle Groove. For easy daily carry and storage, hang on the neck with the sheath and necklace

Multi-Functional Knife : This versatile EDC neck knife can be used as a cord cutter, box cutter, wood cutter, and branch cutter. It is suitable for outdoor adventure, hunting, hiking, camping, and household use.

Duratech Knife

#21,402 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)

#13 in Camping Fixed Blade Knives


ITOKEY Fixed Blade Knife, Full Tang Tactical Knives, Leather Knife with Sheath, Survival Camping Knife for Outdoor

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The High Carbon Knife is easy to use, durable, and can easily cut through meat, fruit, and vegetable. The Carbon Steel Pocket Knifes are perfect for use with hunting equipment, outdoor gear and cool knives. This carbon knife is a popular choice for men gifts, women gifts, camping cookware, and birthday gifts.

These pocket knives are perfect gifts for men and women. This Knife can be used as hunting gear for women, mens gifts, birthday gifts for men and women, and dad gifts.

This High Carbon Fibre Knife Hunting Knife is Forged in Fire using High Carbon Steel. It features an Ergonomic Handle Design and Rosewood Handle. These Knives are great for fishing gear and equipment.

The total length of this Skinning Knife and Pocket Knife is 8 inches. These camping cooking gift knives and outdoor knives are great hunting stuff. These hunting gifts for men and women can be great carbon steel skein knives.

High Carbon Steel Knife is 1095 & 15N20 Steel, with HRC 56+-2 and sharp edge for maximum cutting performance and durability. These Pocket Knives are Widely Used for Deer Hunting Accessories For Men & Women. This Knife is a great choice for hunting gear for men & women, deer hunting gear, and camping equipment.


A handcrafted carbon steel 8-inch knife, fixed blade knife, with sheath, is the best gift for men and women.

This pocket knife is 100% Handmade. It’s great for hunting and outdoor use.

This knife is great for camping, hunting, fishing, kitchen, camping tools, hunting, fishing, outdoor knife, camping knives, tools and everyday use. The Full Tang Knife made of high carbon steel is great for hunting and camping gifts. This knife is a perfect size and makes a great gift for a man’s birthday or for a woman.

High carbon steel can be 1095HC or 15N20 steel and is forged in flame.

Blade hardness is 56-58 HRC, which ensures a sharp edge for a long period.

It is made in a special way to produce beautiful and unique blade patterns. The handle is light and complements the blade in maintaining balance. It also helps to reduce fatigue and pains in the fingers after use.

High Carbon Steel Knife includes a premium extra thick genuine leather sheath knife pouch made of Bull Skin. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities as well as gifts for dads.

Both the leather sheaths and knives are handmade. They make great birthday gifts and cool gifts for women and men.

The leather sheath can be worn on a belt with a loop. It can also be used as a husband gift, wife gift or Christmas gift for boyfriends and girlfriends.


GVDV Bowie Knife with 440C Stainless Steel, 12.5-inch Fixed Blade Hunting Knife with Sheath, Survival, Camping, Hiking Knife, Gifts for Men Dad Husband, Rosewood Handle

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HIGH QUALITY: High quality camping knife made of high 1066 carbon steel. It is hardened to 58-59 HRC, and holds an edge well. Bush Gear Knife Tool. It is well balanced.

SHARP BLADES: Bushcraft Full Tang Fixed-Blade Knife Features a True Scandinavian Grind, Razor-Sharp Out Of the Box. Drop Point Blade

Strong and sturdy: The handle is made of walnut wood and covered with Danish oil. Survival Bushcraft Knife: Ideal for cutting logs and sticks, fishing, hiking, survival training, EDC, camping expeditions or other outdoor sports.

SAFE CARRYING: Camp Knife with Leather Cover: Handmade Genuine Leather Sheath Included. Made from the highest quality premium materials for safe and easy carrying. You can carry a belt or strap vertically.

The Perfect Gift: A Must-Have Thing for People Who Love to Fish, Hunt, Camp, and Spend Time Actively. This is a great gift for true knife lovers

Made in Ukraine

DIMENSIONS: Overall length 8.6 inches, with a blade length of 4.4 Inches. Weight 4.4 Ounces.

Utility knife with fixed blade

Full tang knife handle

Sheath made of genuine leather

Drop point blade shape

Carbon Steel – 1066

Hardness 58-59 HRC


The Blade of HK1S Fixed Blade Survival Knife is well balanced and made from carbon steel. It also has a full-tang handle. This blade is very durable and can be used to do any bush activity, such as batoning wood, cutting logs and sticks, and preparing food.

The medium-sized knife is ideal for everyday carrying, survival activities, and as part camp or bushcraft gear. It can also be used for bushcraft activities such as batoning, cutting and so on.

Carbon Steel Full-Tang Fixed Blade Knife

True Scandi Grind blade

Ready to use (shaving clean out of the box).

Ergonomic walnut wood handle (Danish oil covering)

Made in Ukraine

The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, and spending time actively. This gift is perfect for knife enthusiasts.

Handle: Lightweight, ergonomically designed, made from Walnut wood. Danish oil coated. The knife’s handle is made from natural wood and fits comfortably in your hand, providing you with greater control, safety, performance, and comfort.

The lightweight sheath is made from genuine leather and offers safe and comfortable carrying. The loop on the bush knife leather case can be used to carry it vertically with a belt or strap. Only leather covers can provide a true natural experience.

You should not use a knife to inflict or attack people or animals.

A knife cannot be used for self-defence. It is not made for that purpose.

High carbon steel knives can rust. Please dry your knife before you store it. For long-term storage, coat the blade with gun oil.

Please wipe off the gun oil coating on the knife blade before you use it for your first time.


NedFoss Fixed Blade Knives with Sheath, 8.26'' Full Tang Bushcraft Knife with Kydex Sheath Horizontal & Vertical, Hunting Knife with G10 Handle for Camping, Survival, Fishing (Hyenas)

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Precious Rosewood Handle- A classic design hand grip made of rosewood.

Ultra Sharp 440C Stainless Steel Blade – 8.6″ Clip Point 440C Steel Knife Provides Excellent Strength, Edge Retention and Corrosion Resistance to ensure long-lasting durability. The Clip Point Blade is ideal for cutting in tight places, detail work, and piercing.

This is a practical and elegant gift that can be used for many outdoor activities. This exquisite gift box is made from genuine leather and features a black sheath.

Hunting knife – Made from a single piece of steel, each hand-polished blade is full-tang for maximum durability. The Full Tang Handle is strengthened by three rivets to prevent it from splitting. Overall Length 12.5” Blade Length 8.6′” Handle Length 4.3” Blade Thickness 0.16 ‘’, Weight 12.87 Oz

Genuine Leather Sheath With Snap Fastener – Tailored leather sheath with integrated belt loop for safe and secure transport Cambat Knife is suitable for various camping, survival, and outdoor situations.

Customer Service – Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any problems with this product. We are always available to assist you.

GVDV 12.5 Inches Fixed-Blade Hunting Knife

Ultra-sharp, durable, resists corrosion 440C stainless Steel

Natural rosewood handles are long-lasting and stable, with a high collector value

It is easy to carry a tailored cowhide sheath

Handguard with integrated forming, comfortable

Knife body should be perfectly proportioned

For a classic look and excellent corrosion resistance, sandface blade is the best choice

Anti-Slip finger groove, curved palm, brings comfortable operating experience

Sharpest 440C Stainless Steel Blade

The GVDV 12.5″ fixed-blade survival knife is made from high quality 440C Stainless steel (HRC 58-60). The sandface is durable and classic. This is a high-performing value blade steel that has high performance characteristics and high hardness.


Hunting Knife

The knife body is perfectly proportioned, the weight balanced, and it’s easy to use.

GVDV 12.5″ Fixed Blade Knife D2 Steel Pocket Knife Ball Bearing Opening GVDV Hunting Knife Set, 6 Pieces GVDV Spring-Assisted Pocket Knife With G10 Handle G10 Handle G10 Handle GDV Damascus Spring-Assisted Pocket Knife

Knife Types Hunting Knife Gift Box Hunting Knife Set Spring-Assisted Pocket Knife Damascus assist-opening Knife


DuraTech Compact Fixed Blade Knife, 6-inch Neck Knife, 3-inch Blade, Full Tang, Wood Handle with Molded Sheath, Necklace and Paracord included, for EDC, Outdoor, Camping, Hiking

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The perfect knife for everything – camping, hiking, backpacking, bushcrafting, hunting & fishing, military & army needs, outdoor & DIY activities, survival, self defense, emergencies A great utility knife for many purposes.

Tanto knife with large fixed blade – Full Tang construction provides superior control and greater pressure when cutting, slicing, striking, chopping or other manipulations.

The Perfect Gift Idea: Gifts for Husband from Wife. These gifts are hugely popular as dad gifts, gift ideas for men, gifts for brothers, college gifts for guys, and father in law gifts. They make the perfect gift for Christmas, graduation, anniversary, birthday, Thanksgiving Day, etc. Stocking Stuffers For Men

Matte Finished 440C Stainless Steel – Excellent balance of hardness and corrosion resistance ensures proper operation without sharpening. It offers razor-sharp cutting performance and high durability. This could be the best knife in your tactical or camp knife set.

The Knife comes with a Sheath, a solid and practical holder that allows you to wear the knife on your belt. The Multifunctional Sheath is Made Of Heavy Duty Nylon Cordura Fabric.

Choose your knife

Choose unique knife

Safe batterfly knife training


Ontario Knife Co. 8668 Rat-7 Fixed Blade Knife 7" Drop Point 1095 Black Carbon Steel Blade 5" Tan Micarta Handle for Outdoor, Tactical, Survival, Bushcraft, and EDC

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This knife is made from high-quality 420 High Carbon Stainless Steel and can maintain a sharp edge for extended periods of time.

Fixed blade – 5.75″ inch – Handcrafted wood handle – 4.5″. Blade Hardness is 48-52 with a 27 Degree Double Bevel Sharp Durable edge.

Item Usage: -Outdoor -Hunting -Survival -Camping & Fire Starting -Standard Home Usage -Meat Carving -Boning -Skinning -Bushcraft -Fishing. Our Company Goal: We are focused on the outdoors at Kratos. This knife is affordable for both men and women who love the outdoors. It has a high quality visual appeal and blade consistency.

Protective Real Leather Sheath Included – This durable thick leather sheath can be attached to your belt with a clip on loop.

Full Tang – The Knife steel runs from top to bottom and will not loosen over time

This is a high-carbon stainless steel full tang fixed blade made from 420 hardened, high carbon stainless steel. It has a 4.5 inch wood handle. Blade hardness ranges from 48 to 52, with a sharp, durable edge at 27 degrees. It is corrosion resistant and long-lasting. This Hunting Knife can be used outdoors for general purposes, survival camping, bushcraft, and other outdoor activities. It has a comfortable grip and great durability. You get (1) full-tang blade knife and (1) durable, high quality leather sheath for storage.


Off-Grid Knives - Backcountry Blackout - Hard Use Fixed Blade Knife w. D2 Blade Steel, Grippy G10 Scales, Kydex Sheath and Belt Clip, Bushcraft, Hunting, Survival, Camping, Hard Use Tool

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Full-tang Steel 420HC with the Water-Grinding Process and Completed With Bleeding Edge Technology Provides a Razor Sharp Edge and is Easy to Maintain

8.94″ (22.7 Cm), Overall; 4.65mm Blade Thickness; 3.82′ (9.7 Cm), Blade Edge; 4.6” (11.7cm), Overall Blade; 8.6 Ounces Knife Weight

Kydex Sheath includes a universal tactical belt clip mount that can be carried horizontally or vertically for easy portability

For lifelong durability, the black G10 handle is designed for superior hand control, agility, and comfort. It is impervious to heat, cold, and sweat

Razor Sharp Edges will make it easy to cut with Razor-Sharp edges during any outdoor activity.

OERLA OLK 033RD outdoor straight fixed-blade camping hunting knife is a great choice if you’re a fan or want a fixed-blade knife.

OERLA Knives are a combination of supreme quality and stunning pricing

Oerla TAC OLK-018RN Large Pocket Folding Ball Bearing Flipper Ball Bearing G10 Handle Oerla TAC OLV-0027 EDC Flipper Knife OERLA Fixed-Blade Outdoor Duty Straight Knife Oerla TAC OLF-1009 Fixed-Blade Outdoor Duty Knife Oerla Tactical OLV-0021SD Fixed-Blade Knives Double-Sided Blade


BigCat Custom Handmade Hunting Knife with Sheath | 9" D2 Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade | Survival and Bushcraft Knife | Light Horizontal Carry EDC Belt Bowie for Men | Black Panther

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Admirably Ergonomic G10 Handle with Non-Slip Full Tang Large Fixed-Blade Knife. 0.18 Inch Thickness. 8.78*1.44*0.79 Inch Long. 194g/6.84oz.

Amazing 360-Degree Adjustable Sheath (it’s okay to wear Horizontal Scout Style), No Worry about the Fixed Knife Handle jabbing me

Amazing Utility 6 in1 Small Keychain Multi-Tool Gear that Comes Together With Ruike F118 Camping Fixed Blade Knife. Also, Here is a Safety Belt Holster.

It is very sharp and has a drop point tip. This tip can be used for many jobs, including bushcraft, EDC cooking, camping, hiking, fishing, walking, and other outdoor activities.

Solid Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel is a great choice. It has a very fine edge and excellent corrosion resistance.

Giant Fixed-blade Knives but a lightweight, well-finished knife, your valid companion, perfect gifts for men women dad father, boyfriends

It fits snugly into its sheath.

It works well with the locking and rotating belt clip

no hotspots

It is comfortable in the hand and has a great balance. The knife also features grippy g-10 steels that have rounded edges.

Very sharp and efficient.

A great knife that can be used for many purposes, including bushcraft camping and edc cooking.

A beautiful, well-finished knife

1* camping fixed blade knife;


JXE JXO Fixed Blade Tactical Knife with Sheath, Durable 420HC Steel Blade Outdoor Heavy Duty Knife, Survival Knife with Anti-skidding Handle

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The Damascus Steel Knife is easy to use, durable, and can easily cut through food such as meat, fruit, and vegetable. Damascus Pocket Knife is compatible with Cool Knives. This Damascus Pocket Knife is widely used for men gifts, women gifts, camping cookware, and other birthday gifts. It’s a beautiful and practical choice for a perfect gift for men.

This custom handcrafted Damascus steel pocket knife is a great gift for men and women. This Skinning Knife can be used for women & mens gifts, birthday gifts for men and women, dad gifts, hunting & skinning.

This Damascus Hunting Knife is Forged in Fire using Damascus Steel. It features an ergonomic handle design with Olivewood and Damascus pins handles. These Knives are perfect for men and can be used in conjunction with fishing gear and equipment.

This Skinning Knife is available in two lengths: 4.5 inches for men and 8.5 inches for women. These Damascus Knives are great hunting stuff and must be on every hunter’s specialties list. Damascus Deer Hunter Knife Must Be Hand-Washed With Clean Water. This may have an impact on its efficiency.

Damascus Steel Knife is 1095 & 15N20 Damascus Steel, with a HRC of 56+-2 and a sharp edge for maximum cutting performance and durability. This is why these pocket knives for men and women are widely used for deer hunting accessories for men & women, makes a great choice for hunting gear for men & women, and camping equipment.


Petzl SPATHA Knife - Folding Knife With Carabiner Hole for Rock Climbing - Black

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Included is a Fire Starter that Twist-Locks into the Anti-Slip Rubber Handle. Spine of the Blade is Ground Specially for Use With a Fire Starter

A versatile fixed-blade outdoor knife and fire starter, with a 3. A 9-Inch Hardened Sandvik 12C27 Stainless Steel Blade, Ideal for Carving, Food Prep and Cutting Tinder

Sport Type: Hiking & Camping

The Integrated Fire Starter is made from a Magnesium Alloy that produces a 3,000 Degree C (5.400 F) spark; it works when wet and lasts approximately 3, 000 strikes

Included: Color-Matching Plastic Sheath, Belt Clip, Reflective Lanyard; Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty; Made in Sweden

Blade length: 3. Blade Length: 3. 9 Inches (104 Mm), Blade Thickness: 0. 5 Mm), Total Length: 9. 4 Inches (238Mm), Total Length: 9. 5 Ounces (128 G).

Morakniv Companion 3.9-Inch Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife, and Fire Starter

Knife with 2.5mm thick cold-rolled stainless Steel blade

The ergonomic handle has a patterned high-friction rubber grasp that gives you a feeling of control.

Best Sellers in Camping Fixed-Blade Knives ... Ccanku C1140 Fixed Blade Knife.

If you’re a weekend camper or live in the wilderness A good camping knife will make an impact. We’ve put together this list of the best camping knives suitable for every camping excursion. Each knife is equipped with their own specifications and a description of the things that make them exceptional. Certain knives are ideal for small tasks, while others come with more weight for larger tasks. All in all, these knives are ideal for the next trip. Along with a brief overview of every knife we’ve added videos of particular models to show how great they are!

Campaign coordinator Spencer as well as copywriter George took a trip into the woods to assist Spencer pick the best camp knife. Take a look at the video and discover some great choices at any price!

How to Choose the Best Camping Knife for Your Needs

Types of Camping Knives

Fixed Blade – Ideal for camping knives, in which the weight and size don’t pose an issue, fixed blade is the most popular style. Fixed-blade knives of high quality are more durable and last longer as compared to folding knives. A high-quality fixed-tang knife (where the blade’s steel extends up to the tip of the hand) is a basic and practically indestructible piece of equipment, suitable for long-term or heavy-duty use.

Folding – Small, easy to carry and light in weight knifes that fold have the advantage that they can slide in your pocket for quick access. While fixed blade knives are better suited to prepare food and are more sturdy for heavy-duty camping tasks, there’s plenty to be said about the ease of using an excellent folding knife.


It is common to see knives called full-tang or half-tang. For fixed blades, the term “tang” is used to describe how far that the blade’s steel extends beyond the handle within one piece of steel.

Half-tang and quarter-tang knives work well for most camp-related tasks and, if they’re well designed, they’ll be sturdy.

Full-tang knives provide greater strength and stability for tough tasks. Also, you can find “rattail tang” or “stick-tang” knives which means that the steel in the blade is narrowed to approximately one centimeter wide and then extends over the entire length.


The majority of knives are made of steel, however the market is brimming with hundreds of different types of knives, each with their distinctive characteristic. It’s not the intention for this piece to list all of the variations, however it’s worth your time to study a specific steel to see if the characteristics meet your requirements and use.

In general, steels that are softer can easily form to form a sharp edge and are more easy to sharpen, however they are less robust and will lose their edge more quickly.

Steels that are harder On the other hand are more durable, however, they are they are difficult to sharpen.

A large portion of top-quality knives are made of non-stainless steels. Non-stainless steels are easier to sharpen on the job without the need for special tools and generally retain their edge longer.

However, they are more prone to rust and need some more care. Stainless steel however is simple to keep clean, but it is more difficult to cut.

Blade Coating

Certain blades are coated on top of the stainless steel. This material is hardened to protect the blade, improves its the durability and also adds aesthetic appeal to blades.

But coatings can prevent you from using the blade’s spine as the fire starter, which requires the use of the blade when there is no alternative striker available. They can also be difficult to clean and (depending on how long-lasting the material is) they may break or be removed when you cut the knife.

Fire-Starting Ability

Most knives are capable of igniting a flame on a ferrocerium rod but some are more adept than others. Some knives feature special edges that have been carved into their spines that are specifically designed to create the spark. For others, particularly knives coated with a coating, you might have to utilize the blade. This could damage the blade if you do it repeatedly.

How We Tested

Paper Test

Before we did anything else we tested the knife’s sharpness straight in the packaging. A knife that is sharp is one that can cut through normal printer paper without little effort. The more paper you catch and snag the paper, the less sharp the knife.

Finding the ideal knife for your next camping adventure may be intimidating, as there are so many different shapes sizes, styles and sizes available to purchase. A great camping knife is a must-have tool you should have however, and we’re here to assist you pick the right one to suit your needs.

There are a variety of camping knives and blade point options to be aware of. If you’re looking for something that’s suitable to use at the camp, a small knife that can be carried in a robust sheath for when you’re not using it, or a small folding knife or locking knife might be an ideal choice.

For more difficult tasks – particularly those that require woodsman skills like cutting branches cutting sticks, trimming them or whittling – you’re bound require the additional support provided by fixed blades. These blades will give you the most robust blade and more gripping power on the handle. However, since this is essentially an instrument, you will not have any other useful features or features, and if you select one that’s too long, you might encounter legal issues while traveling.

To get the most versatility you’ll require a multi-tool that can be equipped with a range of tools that are suitable for all kinds of repairs to campsites. If you’re looking for a multi-tool you’ll generally be able to count on the top brands – Victorinox and Leatherman in general, especially when they have the perfect combination of materials and style to ensure that no thing falls in the course of use.

As with many camping equipment for outdoor use like camping stoves, tents, and other camping equipment, high-quality should be the first prioritization. If you select the top camping knife for your budget and take care of it you will have it for years to come and be available anytime you require it.


These are things that can be hazardous and there are regulations regarding what is permissible. Be vigilant about locking blades and be cautious about the location and method of use for the blades, since even though it’s legal carry a folding blade less than three inches long however, locking knives aren’t considered to be folding and therefore you’re not permitted to carry the knives in public. If you’re not sure then check out GOV.UK


The best knife set for your kitchen ultimately depends on your needs, but no matter which one you choose, make sure it’s quality.

TOP Best Wood Carving Knives Reviews 2023