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Best Electric Knives

At a Glance: Our Top Picks

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Hamilton Beach Electric Knife for Carving Meats, Poultry, Bread, Crafting Foam & More, Storage Case & Serving Fork Included, White


#TOP 2

BLACK+DECKER Electric Carving Knife, Black


#TOP 3

Cuisinart Electric Knife,1 Blade, Black,1 EA


TOP 18 Best Electric Knives Reviews 2023


Hamilton Beach Electric Knife for Carving Meats, Poultry, Bread, Crafting Foam & More, Storage Case & Serving Fork Included, White

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Stainless Steel Blades and Fork: This Electric Knife Features Reciprocating Serrated Blades That Create Even Slices and the Included Fork Is Handy for Carving and Serving.

Perfect for Meats & Breads: Easily Carves Through Everything From Meats, Breads and Tomatoes to Crafting Foam for DIY Projects; It’s Also a Great Turkey Carving Knife on Thanksgiving.

Space-Saving Storage Case Included: The Electric Knife Includes a Storage Case to Keep the Knife, Blade and Fork Protected and Easily Accessible in 1 Convenient Place.

Great Crafting Knife: Can Be Used As a Foam Cutter in Craft and DIY Projects.

Ergonomic Handle: Designed to Fit Comfortably in Either Hand, The Electric Carving Knife Handle Is Designed for Comfort and Gives You Better Control No Matter What You’re Cutting.

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife with Storage Case

Slicing, simplified.

You can make your Christmas roast more memorable by serving it beautifully cut. Slice your favorite breads, cheeses, and meats to make a delicious deli dish at home. With a comfortable and comfortable handle that’s comfortable to hold The Hamilton Beach Electric Knife lets you cut fine slices with minimal effort. Its stainless steel blade doesn’t require sharpening, and it is easily removed for easy cleaning. The fork made of stainless steel allows you to go straight from cutting to serving. The compartment makes it easy to store everything within a small space.


BLACK+DECKER Electric Carving Knife, Black

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Comfort Grip Handle – The Ergonomic Handle Is Engineered to Increase Comfort and Control During Slicing.

Stainless Steel Blades – The Serrated Blades Saw Rapidly and Evenly Through Meats, Breads, Foam, and More. Plus, They Never Need to Be Sharpened.

Safety Lock Button Secure your Your Mind with the Lock Button that stops the Knife from turning off When it’s plugged in.

Dishwasher-Safe Parts – The Removable Blades Are Dishwasher-Safe for Fast and Easy Cleanup.

Blade Release Button – One Press of the Blade Release Button Unlocks the Blades for Easy Removal.

BLACK+DECKER Comfort Grip Electric Knife

Item No. EK500B

Cutting is easy using the the Comfort Grip electric Knife. From carving meat to cutting bread, to cutting foam for crafting projects, this knife is quick to do everything. Steel blades that are stainless snap into position and an easy trigger switches the knife off and on. The strain on your wrist is reduced thanks because of the Comfort Grip handle, which has a comfortable and ergonomic design. Cleaning is simple–just hit the release button for the blades and then lay them flat onto upper racks of the dishwasher. They’ll be clean and ready to your next project.


Cuisinart Electric Knife,1 Blade, Black,1 EA

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One-Touch On/off Operation

Powerful and Easy to Use. Cord Length : 36 Inches

Stainless Steel Blade Cuts Through Meats, Breads, Vegetables and More

Ergonomic Handle, Comfortable for Right- and Left-Handers

Blade Is Removable and Dishwasher Safe

The perfect combination of power and versatility Cuisinart electric knife is the perfect combination of performance and versatility. Cuisinart electric knife comes with strong motors and an enormous stainless steel blade that can make quick work of any slicing job. The blade is serrated to ensure superior cutting and dishwasher safe, the knife cuts bread and meat quickly and precisely. The ergonomic, non-slip handle, and the one-touch switch to turn off and on make this knife extremely user-friendly. With a 5 foot cord to slice directly on the table! Features: Powerful and easy to use|One-touch on/off operation|Ergonomic handle comfortable for right- and left-handers|Stainless steel blade cuts through meats breads vegetables and more|Blade is removable and dishwasher safe|Limited 18-month warranty


Proctor's Silex Electronic Knife to Carve Poultry, Meats Bread Crafting Foam, and more, Lightweight with Contoured Grip White

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Stainless Steel Blades: This Electric Knife Features Reciprocating, Serrated Blades, Giving You the Control and Precision to Quickly Create Even Slices.

Perfect for Meats, Great for Breads: Electric Knife Easily Carves Through Everything From Ham, Turkey, Bread, and Tomatoes to Crafting Foam for DIY Projects.

Lightweight: Lightweight Design Makes It Easy to Hold Electric Knife When Carving Large Quantities.

Fantastic Crafting Knife: It Can be used as a foam Cutter that cuts and slices Crafting Foam easily.

Ergonomic Handle: Electric Carving Knife Fits Comfortably in Either Hand and Gives You Accurate Control and Precision.

Easy Touch-Button Control: Simple Trigger Lets You Safely Activate Your Electric Carving Knife.

The Proctor Silex Electric knife can be described as a small, lightweight, and simple-to-grip kitchen appliance that effortlessly cuts through bread, meat and other items as the Pro. It’s also ideal to cut foam for making or DIY tasks. With stainless steel blades that rotate to cut efficiently and evenly. this versatile tool comes with the hand-contoured grip to ensure control and precision. This makes it suitable for use in everyday life or cutting large amounts to entertain. The grip is suitable for left and right-handed users. Proctor Silex electrical knives are durable and affordable to ensure smooth cutting each time you use them. They are designed for ease and convenience of use and conforming to North American Electrical standards, these useful knives are vital tools that will save you time in your kitchen.


Mueller Ultra-Carver Electric Knife for Carving Meats, Poultry, Bread, Crafting Foam. Stainless Steel Blades, Powerful Motor, Ergonomic Handle, One-Touch On/Off Button, Serving Fork Included, Grey

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A 420SS Stainless Steel Blades with Ultra-Sharp High-Current durable 420SS Stainless Steel Blades that will never require sharpening! They Will Make Short Work of That Delicious Roast, and Even the Most Challenging Carving Tasks Aren’t a Problem. It Is the Perfect Electric Knife Carving for Anything From Meat, Poultry, Tomatoes, Vegetables, Cakes, and Loaves of Crusty Bread Without Compromising Texture. This Cutting Knife Can Even Be Used to Shape Foam for DIY Craft Projects!

Better Than The Rest – Forget Your Old Carving Knife and Let the Mueller Ultra-Carver Electric Knife Do the Cutting and Slicing for You. The Dual Serrated Reciprocating Blades Easily Glide Through the Toughest of Foods for Fast and Even Slicing. Operating the Device Is Simple, Easy, and Safe to Use No Matter the Food Size and Will Be Ideal As Your Turkey Carving Knife for Thanksgiving.

Superior Quality With Mueller – We Are Here to Offer You Only the Best Quality Products Designed to Make Your Life Easier. If You Need Any Help, Please Feel Free to Contact Us. Our Live, 24/7 Customer Support is Ready to Help with Whatever you require!

Smooth Operation and Sleek Design – The One-Touch Control Simplifies Use; Simply Press and Hold the On/Off Button to Operate the Electric Knife and Let the Power Motor Do All the Work. Relax in Its Safety. The Easy Blade Release System Allows for Convenient Blade Removal, and the Blades Can Be Safely Handled Using the Non-Slip Tabs. Blades Are Easy to Maintain and Dishwasher Safe. Make sure you have this Electric Carving Knife to Save Time and Eating!

Light, Yet Powerful – Precision Carving At Its Finest. Ultra-Carver Electric Knife Is Designed for Speed, Precision, and Comfort. It comes with a powerful Motor Durability Tested over 10,000 cycles . The Hand-Contoured Handle Is Easy to Operate in Either Hand, and the Weight-Balanced Design Gives You Better Control While Slicing.

Knife to Make Life Easier It is designed to work. Let it take care of cutting and cutting for you. Mueller Ultra-Carver Electric Knife built with tough stainless steel blades which will allow you to effortlessly cut through food items. The operation of the knife is simple and simple to use. It is capable of handling different sizes of food items and make cutting that is clean. Reduce time and effort by using the Mueller Electric Carving Knife!


BUBBA Li-Ion Electric Fillet with Cordless Non-Slip Handle 4 Ti-Nitride S.S. Coated Non-Stick Reciprocating Blades, Charger and Case for Fishing

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User-Friendliness Handle with Non-Slip for Exceptional Grip Security the ultimate knife control with A Trigger Guard for added Security

Dimensions: 8.5″ Handle Length and Weighs 1.11 Pounds

Includes: 7″ E-FLEX, 9″ E-FLEX, 9″ E-STIFF and 12″ E-STIFF Blades, Wall Charger, (2) Lithium Ion Batteries and a Premium EVA Case for Storage and Transport

Durable: Dual-Rivet Blade Design Is Coated in TiN Stainless Steel and Features An Ergonomic Trigger

Convenient: Blades Are Removable for Easy Cleaning and Can Be Stored in a Special Section of the Zippered Storage Case and the Handle Features An LED Battery Life Indicator to Ensure You Always Have a Functioning Knife


The Bubba Lithium Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife is designed ergonomically to perfectly fit within your hand. We’ve stuck to our roots by including the famous non-slip grip handle that lets you cut the fish with ease like butter. Our lithium-ion battery offers the longest run-time of any electric fillet knives available, so you can pile fillets up until you’re done with fish. The engineered ventilation was created to maximize motor transmission , giving you an amazing amount of torque. There are four distinct blade designs – seven” E-FLEX, 9″ E-FLEX, 9″ E-STIFF, and 12″ E-STIFF — which are a reflection of our legendary tapered flex and rigid fillet knives. The blades are made with high carbon steel, and covered with titanium nitride to make them highly resistant to corrosion. We’ve also added an safety lock as well as a trigger guard to ensure maximum security. The electric fillet knife is housed with a high-quality EVA built carrying case which lets you break into storage units for cleaning. The knife comes with a rechargeable battery, a charging cord as well as all batteries have an indicator of battery life so you’re sure that you’ll never be short of juice. The electric filet knife is what you’ve been searching for and is ready to fillet fish at any time.

The perfect choice for small, medium and large-sized fish Bubba Lithium Ion Electronic Fillet Knife ideal for every angler. With its dual-rivet blade and a comfortable trigger with guard that is non-slip, this knife will give you an easy, safe cut with quiet operation and simple cleaning up. The cord-free design gives the space and freedom to work from anywhere and the entire kit can be stored away in the Premium EVA Zippered Container for Storage.


Elite Gourmet EK9810 Professional Cordless Rechargeable Electric Knife with Four Serrated Blades and a Safety Lock Trigger Releasefor Carving Meats Poultry, Bread, and Black

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Four stainless steel blades The electric Knife includes two sets of Serrated, Reciprocating Blades, with Finger Guards for Safety.

RECHARGEABLE CORDLESS Handle – Removable Recharging Cable Allows for Easy Access around the Kitchen with ease without the heavy Power Cord. FAST RECHARGING TIME FOR ULTIMATE USAGE – Only Takes 1.5 Hours to Charge for Up to 70-Minutes of Continuous Use.

MULTIPURPOSE USE – Perfect for Slicing Meats, Great for Breads. Easily Carve Through Everything From Ham, Turkey, Bread Loaves, and Tomatoes to Crafting Foam for DIY Projects.

EASY ONE-TOUCH TRIGGER – A Simple Trigger Button Lets You Safely Activate Your Electric Carving Knife and Disconnects Power As Soon As Trigger Is Released. LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – The Lightweight Design Makes It Easy to Hold the Electric Knife When Carving Large Quantities of Food Or Items.

1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY AND the US-based Customer Support Team lets you purchase with confidence. Maxi-Matic Has Been Providing Quality Products for Over 35 Years, Send Us a Message Or Call Our Toll-Free Number in the Instruction Manual and a Customer Care Rep Will Respond Within 1 Business Day.

The best food requires a perfect cut and this cordless knife does everything easily. The dual serrated, oscillating blades and the powerful electric motor make it easier for you to cut precisely with minimal effort. You can move around the kitchen without hassle and with no long power cord. The electric knife can also be used outdoors to enjoy picnics or for camping. It is easy to cut through roast beef and ham, turkey vegetables, and many more. Cut a variety of foods such as fresh baked breads to to that pricey block of cheddar that you have spent a fortune on, or the honeyed ham you purchased to serve for dinner. The Elite Gourmet Electric Knife makes perfectly even slices each time. Don’t waste time with dull blades or shredding your holiday turkey into shavings of turkey, featuring two sharp stainless steel knives with an elegant style, this is cutting at its finest. Clean and simple! This Thanksgiving allow the adults to compete over who gets to cut up the turkey.


Homaider Electric Knife for Carving Meat, Turkey, Bread & More. Serving Fork and Carving Blades Included

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HIGH QUALITY & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: HOMAIDER Electric Carving Knife Features An Ergonomic Handle for Comfortable Product Handling and Easy Meat, Bread, Fish, Cheese, Large Vegetables & Fruits Carving. Two Stainless Steel Precision Blades included in The HOMAIDER Electric Knife Package Are sturdy, durable and built to last. The Removable Blades Are Dishwasher-Safe for Fast and Easy Cleanup!

FAST & EASY SLICING: HOMAIDER Electric Knife Allows You to Make Perfectly Even Slices Fast and Without Having to Apply Much Pressure Or Sawing Motion! Improved 70.9 Inches(1.8 M) Extra-Long Cable Allows You to Slice Your Products in a Convenient Place! The light design on this Electric Knife Makes It Easy to hold with one hand. Enjoy Your Perfect Slices Regardless of Your Age!

DUAL SAFETY LOCK: A Specially Designed Safety Lock Feature Keeps the Blade Locked in Place to Avoid Accidental Activation and to Ensure Your Safety. HOMAIDER Electric Knife Is ETL Certified and Fully Safe to Use!

LESS VOID & LOUD A clever product design provides you with the power needed to quickly and easily Cut through the Meats, Bread and More Without Overly Vibration and Noise!

U.S. BASED CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Each Product Includes a 1 Year Cover Provided by HOMAIDER in Addition to the Amazon 30-Days Refund Or Replacement Timeframe.

Easy to use

Plug the device into and press the button for power to turn it on. The strength of the blades is controlled by the force of pushing the button.

Quick and fast, even cutting

Sharp stainless steel blades that move in opposite directions allow for effortless and smooth slicing of bread, meat and fish, as well as cheese fruit and other vegetables.

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design of the product ensures an easy product handling experience and makes cutting it simple.

Easy to wash

The blades that can be removed and the serving fork can be washed and easy to clean.

Perfect package

The electric knife comes in packaging that includes a serving fork, two specially designed blades to cut bread and meat, as well as rubber covers for the blades and forks, as well as the new 70.9 inches(1.8 millimeters) long cable!

1-year After-Service

We provide a longer time-to-service and are willing to assist you at any time. Make sure to use us with confidence!


NutriChef PKELKN16 Electric Portable Food Cutter Knife Set , with bread and Carving Blades, Stand made of wood Stand One Size white (Pack of 4)

Reviews (FTB Score)


CONSISTENT SLICES: The Product Makes Consistent Slice Without the Use of Sawing Motion Or Excessive Pressure. It comes With a Bread Blade to cut Bread Cheese, Meatloaf, Meatloaf and Cake Loaves as well as an a carving Blade for carving the shape of a Turkey or Ham, Chicken, Roast

SAFETY LOCK: This Electric Kitchen Knife by NutriChef Has a Safety Lock Feature That Keeps the Blade in Place to Ensure Your Safety and to Avoid Injury

WOODEN BLOCK: The Set Includes a Hand Crafted Premium Hardwood Butcher Block That Can Be Stored Flat Inside a Drawer Or Assembled for Countertop Storage. Just Slide the Black Tab Inside the Slot Found Under the Stand and Place Onto a Flat Surface

SOLID STEEL BLADES Two Blades Included Heavy Duty of this Motorized and Powerful Slicer Knife are constructed with Stainless Steel Construction That Is Built to last.

Ergonomically designed: The portable Electric Food Knife also has an ergonomically designed handle for comfortable handling and carving with ease. Can Also Be Used in Some Vegetable Like Eggplants Or Squash, and for Fruit Like Pineapple Or Melon

The Ultimate Carving Tool for Roasts, Turkey and Ham

NutriChef electric kitchen knife is so simple to use. It doesn’t require pressure when cutting through the meat. The stainless steel blade moves fast, and it takes less time in carving the meat. It’s more precise and precise than a standard knife.

Powerful Motorized Knife for the Perfect Slice

Why use NutriChef Electric Kitchen Knife?

This knife will do the bulk of the work It allows you to concentrate on the angle and placement for each cutting, which allows you to maintain a perfect consistency. Less food prep, less exertion.

NutriChef model: PKELKN16 Electric Kitchen Knife Electric Kitchen Knife with Wooden Storage Tray Features: Plug it In and Slice it up Electric Kitchen Knife for Carving and Slicing powerful motorized knife to create the perfect Slice elegant wooden tray for Secure Storage Securely lock the Blades in their place 2 Stainless Steel Blades for Meat Carving and Bread Slicing ergonomically designed handle to ensure comfortable handling the finest hand-crafted Hardwood Butcher Block The ultimate Carving tool used for Roasts, Turkey and HamWhats inside the box is: Electric Knife(2) cutting Blades wood Storage Stand Tech Specification Power Output 100 Watt MAXConstruction Materials: 422 Stainless Butcher Block made of steel Dimension (L W x H) 5. 5 x 3. 5 x 12. 5 -inches Butcher Block Weight: 1. 45 lbs. Power Cord Length: 3. 3 feet. Power Supply 120VTotal Unit Length 10. 5 inches (with Blade Inserted)The NutriChef Electric Kitchen Knife with Wooden Storage Tray. Plug it in and Cut it up – Electric Kitchen Knife for Carving and Slicing A powerful motorized Knife to create the perfect slice Elegant Wooden Tray to provide Secure Storage – Lock securely to Blades in Place two Stainless Steel Blades to use for Meat Carving as well as Bread Slicer An ergonomically designed handle that is comfortable for Handling Made Premium Butcher Block from Hardwood. It’s the Ultimate Carving tool for roasts, Turkey and Ham – What’s included in the box It includes: The Electric Knife The item comes with (2) cutting blades Wood Storage Stand Technical Specifications: – Power Output: 100W MAX Construction Material: 405 Stainless Steel The Butcher Block Dimension (L, W and H) 5. 5 x 3. 5 x 12. 5 -inches.


VonShef Electric Knife 10 inches Serrated Carving Knife set with Storage Case - Removable Stainless Steel Blades to use for Turkey and Meat, Bread and other vegetables, fruits, etc. 150W

Reviews (FTB Score)


LOW NOISE & VIBRATION – Engineered to Offer You All the Benefits of a Powerful Motor Without Producing Excessive Noise and Vibration

You can easily carve Thanksgiving-ready by using this electric knife It makes easy work of cutting meats, vegetables, Bread and More

TWO BLADES – Choose From 2 Stainless Steel Blades; a Heavy Duty Blade for Cooked, Raw & Frozen Meat; a Lighter Blade for Bread, Fruit & Vegetables

DUAL SAFETY SWITCH – Prevents Unintentional Triggering to Maximise Safety

DISHWASHER SAFE – Once You’ve Finished Carving, Simply Place the Blades in the Dishwasher for Easy Cleaning. Dimensions: W3″ X L11.4″ X H5.8″. Weight: 2.4lb

Blade Material Stainless Steel

Brand VonShef

Color Stainless Steel


Chefman Electric Knife, with Bonus Carving Fork and Space-saving Storage Case included One Finger, Durable 8-Inch Stainless Steel Blades with a Black Rubberized Handle, BPA Free, 120 Volts and Watts

Reviews (FTB Score)


PERFECT FOR HOLIDAYS AND EVERYDAY USE: In Addition to Slicing Various Types of Meat, Such As Large Roasts, Turkey, Chicken, Ham and Steak, the Electric Knife May Also Be Used to Slice Bread; Fruits, Such As Small to Medium Sized Melons and Pineapple; Vegetables, Such As Tomatoes and Eggplant; and Soft to Medium-Hard Cheeses, Such As Fresh Mozzarella and Cheddar.

It creates UNIFORM SLICES: Carve Slice and Cut with ease! The Chefman Electric Knife Has Reciprocating Dual Serrated Blades and Carving Fork to Add Precision and Power to Any Slicing Task. With An Ergonomic Handle for Easy Right Or Left-Handed Use, Carve Meats, Cheeses, Breads and More!

Resources: CETL Approved with Advanced Safety Technology to ensure long-lasting durability and 1-Year Warranty by Chefman, allowing you to purchase with confidence – we’ve got Your Back! For Information on How to Use Your Product, Scroll Down for a PDF User Guide. 120 Watts & Volts.

ONE TOUCH ON/OFF AND SAFETY LOCK: The One-Touch Trigger Control Power Switch Has An Integrated Safety Button Which Locks the Knife When It Is Not in Use and Prevents Accidental Blade Activation. Store Your Electric Knife Away in the Included Storage Case for Safe and Space Saving Storage.

DISHWASHER SAFE PARTS: After Each Use, Just Press the Easy Blade Release Button to Remove the Blade and Carefully Hand Wash Or Put in the Dishwasher; the Blades and Carving Fork Are Dishwasher Safe Making for Easy and Quick Cleaning. Make Sure Not to Immerse the Cord in Water.

Slice , and Dice with Less Hassle

Use the Chefman Electric Knife to cut roasts, meats and chickens turkey, vegetables, fruits bread and cheese for the holidays or every day use. Its Electric Knife has reciprocating dual serrated blades as well as an ax-cutting fork that adds strength and precision to any task of slicing. To stop accidental activation of blades The knife is equipped with an integral safety button that is locked when the knife is not being used. This Electric Knife is perfect to make a delicious dinner for Thanksgiving or barbecues, parties and much more! The carving fork and the blades are dishwasher-safe which makes cleaning an simple task. Simply push the release button for the blade at the end of each use to take your blade off the hand.

Simple One Touch Operation

The trigger control that is a one-touch switch comes with a safety button that will lock the knife whenever it is not being used and prevents accidental activation of the blade. You can store your electric knife in the storage case included to ensure safety and maximize space storage.

Dual Reciprocating Blades

Cut, carve and slice easily! This Chefman Electric Knife has reciprocating two serrated blades as well as a carving forks that give power and precision to any cutting task. It has an ergonomic handle that allows simple use on either side of the hand Carve cheeses, meats breads, breads, and many more!


Electronic Knife equipped with Stainless Steel Serrated Blades for Carving Poultry, Meats, Bread, Crafting Foam

Reviews (FTB Score)


COMFORTABLE ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The Electric Knife Handle Is Designed for Comfortable Use. The Curved Handle Gives You Better Control While Carving.

TWO BLADES: The Electric Carving Knife Has Two Stainless Steel Serrated Blades. A Blade for Carving a Turkey, Chicken, Ham, Or Roast and a Bread Blade for Bread, Cake, Fruit and Vegetable.

FOOD GRADE STAINLESS STELL: The Blades of Carving Knife Are Made of Food Grade Stainless Steel, Durable and Anti-Corrosion.

EASY TO USE: The One-Touch on and Off Button Make It Easier to Use. The Blade Eject Button and Heat-Insulating Plastic on the Knife Effectively Keep Hands Clean During Blade Removal/replacement.

DISHWASHER SAFE: After Using the Electric Knife, Press the Eject Button to Remove the Blade, Easy to Rinse and Dishwasher Safe.

Cook Concept Electric Knife

This knife can be an effective instrument to cook food for the family. It has a 95W motor as well as connected 110V power, a practical kitchen knife.

Two Blades

The electric knife can cut various kinds of meats including large roasts turkeys Hams, steaks, hams or frozen food items. It is also useful to cut bread, fruits and vegetables.


Spectrum ComfortGrip Electric Knife, 9 inches, white

Reviews (FTB Score)


Blade Release Buttons

Comfort Grip Handle

Stainless Steel Blade

Safety Lock

Non-Slip Tabs

7.5 inches of blades are The Blades are Serrated, with an Additional 1.5 Inch Tang

Cutting is easy using this BLACK+DECKER(tm) comfort Grip(tm) 9″ Electric Knife. From carving meat to cutting bread, or even cutting foam for craft projects — this knife can do everything. Its nine” stainless steel blades lock in the proper position and a simple trigger switches the knife off and on. It reduces wrist fatigue by The comfort Grip(tm) handle that has a comfortable ergonomic design. Additionally, cleaning is easy – just press the release button on the blade and place the blades on top within your dishwasher. The blades will be ready to be used for your next craft.


Hamilton Beach Set Electric Carving Knife for Meats, Poultry, Bread, Crafting Foam and More, Storage Case and Serving Fork Included, Black (74277)

Reviews (FTB Score)


Slice quickly and evenly You can slicing quickly and evenly with the Electric Carving Knife’s powerful 120 Watt motor and Reciprocating Steel Blades that have serrated edges give you the precision and control to Cut Fast and Evenly Each time you cut.

GREAT FOR MEAT, BREAD & CRAFTS: The Electric Knife Effortlessly Carves Ham, Turkey, Roasts, and Other Meats, and Artisan and Homemade Bread Loaves. Crafters Also Love the Way It Easily Cuts Foam and Other Materials for DIY Projects.

It comes with CARVING FORK and CARVING BLADES This Knife comes with 8-inch stainless steel blades, with a reciprocating design that create clean, even slices. The 6 Inch Carving Fork Is Perfect for Holding Large Cuts of Meat in Place While Slicing and Is Also Handy for Serving.

It’s easy to hold Easy to hold: The Electric Knife is lightweight and comes with a Ergonomic Cool-Touch Handle that will not get hot even after prolonged use. It’s the Perfect Turkey Carving Knife.

EASY STORAGE: The Compact Storage Case Keeps the Knife, Blades and Carving Fork Neatly Stored Together in One Place.

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife Set with Cool-Touch Ergonomic Knife Handle, Stainless steel blades, fork, and Storage Case

You can effortlessly carve turkey, ham roasts, ham and other cuts of meat.

It’s also ideal for cutting whole loafs of artisan and home-made bread. It’s the ideal meat and turkey carving knife to use during the celebrations of the holidays and other special occasions. It is also loved by crafters as it is able to cut foam and other materials to make DIY projects. The electric knife is equipped with an impressive 120 watt motor as well as cutting blades that are serrated and constructed of robust stainless steel. It gives the user precise control to cut fast and evenly each cut. The knife is easy to hold, light and has an ergonomic, cool-touch handle that doesn’t get hot even after prolonged usage. The longer cord offers ample reach for cutting huge meats, as well as for cutting foam as well as other materials to make DIY or crafting projects.

Perfect for Meat, Bread & Crafts

The electric knife easily cuts roasts, ham, turkey and various other meats as well as homemade and artisanal bread loaves. Crafters love how the knife effortlessly can cut through foam, as well as various other material to make DIY projects.


Electronic Carving Knife Set, two Stainless Steel Blades a Comfort Grip Handle, and Wood Storage Block for Slicing Meat, Bread, and other items Classic Cuisine

Reviews (FTB Score)


SAFE COMFORT GRIP HANDLE – The Ergonomic Handle Was Designed to Provide a Comfortable and Steady Grip for Added Control While Cutting With the Hand Contoured Grip and a Safety Finger Guard Our Knives Will Always Provide a Safe and Reliable Experience

SLICING AND PRECISE If You’re Cutting Through Cheese and Bread, Cutting the Holiday Ham or carving a Turkey at Thanksgiving, The Electric Carving Knife made by Classic Cuisine is the ideal Kitchen Tool to Make Your Food Ready in a Hurry. The Knife comes with a serrated Steel Blade made of Stainless Steel for precision Slicing. It also helps offer even and precise cuts for meats, cheeses, breads difficult fruits and other foods!

SATISFACTION Classic Cuisine is dedicated to providing customers with the best Price and Value for Our entire line of products. This is an exclusive product from Classic Cuisine and the ONLY Electric Carving Knives made by Classic Cuisine are authentic.

PRODUCT DETAILS – Dimensions Total – 18″ (L) X 2 5″ (W) Blade- 8″ (L) Material Stainless Steel and Plastic Cord Length 62″ (L) Color Black 120V 60Hz 100 Watt

CONVENIENT DESIGN – This Conveniently Constructed Set Contains Multiple Features for Easy Use and Cleaning. The Eject Button Allows You to Remove the Blade for a Hassle-Free Cleanup and to Simply Switch Blades for Your Slicing Needs. The set includes the Wood Storage Block and Stand for convenient Storage After use. Additionally, the 62″ Cord Offers the Ability to Move Around for the Most Precise Cutting Without Being Limited by Cord Length.

Finely slicing home-cooked meals is a snap using the Electric Carving Knife with 2 Blades from Classic Cuisine. Easy to cut through roasts turkey or ham, loafs of bread, cheese fruits and much more, this elegantly constructed knife can help ease the stress of holiday dinner preparations by not ripping off your meal, instead providing clean and evenly cut food items. It also comes with a powerful 100W motor as well as a tough knife with a bread blade and serrated edge This Electric Knife is perfect for your cooking and kitchen cutting requirements.


Hamilton Beach Electric Knife, with Stainless Steel Blade, and Ergonomically Designed Handle for Easy Grip, with a Sturdy Neat Case, Bonus Free Carving Fork Included

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Two Stainless Steel Reciprocating Blades That Create Slices of Uniform Thickness
Carve a Whole Thanksgiving Turkey, Ham, Bread and Even Soft Cheese
The Hamilton Beach Knife Is the Best Electric Carving Knife on the Market
Comfortable Easy to Grip Ergonomically Designed Handle with Fork to Hold Meat in Place During Slicing
Bonus Free Carving Fork and Compact Storage Case Included

Hamilton Beach Chrome Classic Electric Knife with Case

The Hamilton Beach Knife is the best electric knife on the market. Carve meat and slice bread with ease using the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife. With this carving electric knife, you can easily carve a whole Thanksgiving Turkey or slice the softest cheese and ham for sandwiches. The electric knife features two stainless steel reciprocating blades that create slices of uniform thickness. This Hamilton Beach chrome electric knife has a comfortable easy-to-grip handle and comes with a carving fork and compact storage case.

Easily Carves Meat and Slices Bread
The electric carving knife cuts meats, turkey as well as soft bread alike, into beautiful and nice slices

Stainless Steel Blades and Carving Fork
Features two stainless steel reciprocating blades that create slices of uniform thickness, and a bonus fork to hold the meat in place while slicing

Compact Case Neatly Stores Everything
Store your handy electric carving knife in the neat and compact case, and is great for traveling and easy mobility

Comfortable Easy-To-Grip Handle
The turkey knife features a specially designed ergonomic handle that rests comfortably in your hand and is a sure grip while slicing your thanksgiving turkey


Fstcrt cordless electric knife, Turkey knife, Portable rechargeable lithium electric knife with safety lock, Used for carving meat, steak, fish, poultry, bread, vegetables, handmade, etc

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Simple and Safe to Use: A Simple Trigger Button Allows You Safely Start Your Electric Carving Knife Disconnect the Power Immediately After Is Released. The Lightweight Design Makes It Easy Hold with One Hand When Large Amounts of Food Or Objects.
Multi-Purpose: Very Suitable for Cutting Meat and Making Delicious Bread. Easily Carve Everything From Ham, Thanksgiving Turkey, Bread and Tomatoes to Making Foam DIY Projects.
Worry-Free After-Sales Service: 30-Day Free Return and Exchange, 1 Year Warranty Allows You to Buy with Confidence, After Receiving the Goods, Can Contact Us If Have Any Questions During Use Process, We Will Provide Comprehensive Service.
Rechargeable Cordless Handle:The Detachable Charging Cable Allows You to Easily Use It Anywhere Without the Need for Troublesome Power Cords. Fast Charging, Use-It Only Takes 2 Hours to Fully Charge and Lasts Up to 240 Minutes.
Complete Configuration: Equipped with 2 Stainless Steel Blades, a Fork, Pair of Anti-Cut Gloves, and Storage Box for Easy Storage.

Double switch design, 3 gears adjustable
Tap Gear switch to switch between different gears, then tap Trigger switch to start cutting


Oster Electric Knife w/Carving Fork With Case Cut Turkey Chicken Meat Black/Grey

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Plug-In Electric Knife Is Designed for Comfort and Control
Features a Special Cutting Tip for Hard to Carve Areas
Meat Carving Knife and Carving Fork Set Come with a Convenient Case for Storage and TravellingSpecifications
Material: Plastic
Care and Cleaning: Handwash

The art of carving is perfected with this highperforming electric knife Includes carving fork and storage case Features. Features a special cutting tip for hard to carve areas. Plugin electric knife is designed for comfort and control. Meat carving knife and carving fork set come with a convenient case for storage and travellingSpecifications. Material Plastic. Care and Cleaning Handwash. Dimension 124 x 61 x 28 in. Weight 27 lbs

The top electric knives of 2022; Cuisinart CEK-41. The top electric knife overall.

The decision between traditional carving knives and an electric knife mostly is a matter of your personal preferences, however it certainly has some advantages in its advantage.

Electric knives function by rapidly shifting blades back and forth (with the aid of motors) and you can cut through breads, meats, and even large quantities of fruit in fractions in the amount of duration (and effort) you would need to cut it manually.

Modern electric knives are significantly better than their older predecessors. They won’t tear your roast into shreds or rip through a lamb’s leg. They don’t require a lot of a commitment to purchase an electric knife that is rated highly. We tested eight of most effective electric knives according to the opinions of experts and cooks at home alike. As proven by our testing of the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife, we believe that we believe that the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife is the top choice. After cutting a huge amount of meat and cutting enough crostini for an entire army, we’ve figured out our top electric knives available that are available.

What To Consider When Buying an Electric Knife

Corded against. Cordless

The majority of electric knives during this test are powered by cords, this is due to the fact that they’re much cheaper and more popular over their cordless counterparts. It’s not difficult to see the advantages of cordless electric knives. They do away with the requirement of having electricity and allow you to move the knife around without worrying about having to pull the cord from the wall.

There is also the problem of battery life with cordless models. Everyone doesn’t want to cook an evening meal only to discover their knife’s batteries are depleted when it’s time to cut. If you’re someone who frequently carves meats , such as brisket and roasts or like the capability to cut outdoors, an electric option is the best choice. Be sure to choose an extended-life battery.

Electric knives that are corded are cheaper and more widely used (ranging between $15 and $50). Choose one with the longest cord to ensure you can move the knife according to your needs.


A comfortable grip can truly make an electric knife different. No one is looking for an electronic knife which wildly vibrations your hand while you cut. Even with a non-vibration knife using the knife for an extended duration of time could be uncomfortable. A knife that has an ergonomically designed handle likely to be the most comfortable.


The majority of electric knives have only one blade, typically around 8 to 10 inches in length, though certain models include extra blades to perform various cooking tasks. For the one- or twice-a-year user you don’t need additional blades. Blades are generally removable and are usually dishwasher safe.

Once you’ve got the basics about electric knives, make sure to check out our top picks (and other things we’ve tested) below.

You might not have thought that you’d require an electronic knife and that’s okay. However that they can be extremely useful. When you’re carving a bird cutting bread from scratch and filleting the fish or creating using an electric knife, they will help you get perfect outcomes while making the procedure go without a hitch. We’ve picked the top-rated electric knives available that are available to make your work and effortless.

Now, let’s get cooking. There are plenty of recipes to put your new favourite kitchen appliance to work including recipes for bread, 22 and 41 fish recipes, as well as tips on how to roast the turkey.

What to Look for When Buying an Electric Knife

Blade Material

The majority of electronic knife blades are made of stainless steel, and it has many advantages. It’s more durable than other kinds of steel because it’s remarkably resistant to rust and maintains a the sharp edge for a period of time. But it’s a less durable steel that carbon steel which means it might not have the same level of durability as the other steel alloys.

Cord Length

The significance of length of the cord for an electric knife largely is contingent on the purpose for which you intend to use it. If you’re buying a knife that is primarily used to slice bread and meat in the confines of your home kitchen area, then having a smaller cord will not cause any major problems. But if you’re looking to purchase an electric knife to cut your Thanksgiving turkey on the table, or to process food in the garage the cordless version might be suited to better. Be sure to think about how you intend to use this device, and then you’ll know the amount of “free cord” you’ll require.


As with all other appliances it is important to exercise caution when cleaning your electric knife. The majority of electric knives have blades that are able to be cleaned in dishwashers, but experts on knives warn against using dishwashers because they can reduce the sharpness of the blade. The electric portion that makes up the blade (whether the model is cordless or plug-in) is best cleaned by hand.

There’s a myth that circulates about electric knives , claiming they do not require sharpening however, even though serrated blades aren’t required to be sharpened on a regular basis like straight knife blades, it’s still a good idea to sharpen them occasionally.


How can you sharpen an electric blade?

It is definitely possible to sharpen the blades of electric knives however, many experts suggest that you sharpen your knives on a semi-regular frequency (but not at exactly the same amount of frequency like serrated knife). The most efficient tool for sharpening an electric knife with serrated edges is a rod for sharpening that lets you sharpen each serrated section. Begin at the base of the blade and move divot-by -divot to arrive at the point.

Electric knives can be put into the dishwasher?

Because the majority of electric knife blades are constructed of stainless steel they are deemed to be dishwasher safe. However, it’s important to note that a lot of knife experts recommend the use of dishwashers for all knife blades due to the process of washing them in the machine could result in duller knives. If you’d rather maintain a sharp edge at the minimum, then it’s best to wash your knives with mild dish soap.

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