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Best Fishing Fillet Knives

At a Glance: Our Top Picks

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KastKing Bait Knife and Fillet Knife, 9 inch Fillet Knife


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Fishing Filet Knives 8.3“, Professional Bait Knives for Filleting Fish and Boning Meat, Sharp Stainless-Steel Non-Stick Coating Blade


#TOP 3

Rapala 6" Fish'n Fillet Knife / Single Stage Sharpener / Sheath


TOP 21 Best Fishing Fillet Knives Reviews 2023


KastKing Bait Knife and Fillet Knife, 9 inch Fillet Knife

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Non-Slip Super Polymer Grip – We Use the Most Comfortable and Slip-Resistant, Super Polymer Grips for Your Safety and Comfort. These Handles Feel Great in Your Hand and Ensure That You Always Have a Solid Grip on Your Fillet Knife. These Handles Also Clean Up Easily and Stay Looking Good Longer.
Razor Sharp Stainless Blades – All New KastKing Fishing Fillet Knives and the 5” Bait Knife Utilize Premium, Razor Sharp G4116 German Stainless-Steel Blades with a Beautiful Black Finish. KastKing Fillet Knives Will Maintain Their Edge Longer in Both Fresh and Saltwater Applications and Make the Job of Cutting Baits, Filleting Fish of All Sizes and Steaking Large Game Fish Easier Than Ever Before.
The Right Knife For The Job – The 5” Bait Knife Is Stiff and Strong, It Has a Serrated Top Edge That Makes Cutting Frozen Bait Quick and Easy. The Razor-Sharp Leading Edge Allows the Fisherman to Easily Prepare Both Chunk and Cut Plug Style Baits. The 6”, 7” & 9” Fillet Knives Are Not Only Sharp and But Also Have the Perfect Flexibility So the Knife Will Follow Natural Contours for Perfect Fillets. The 9” Steaking Knife Is a Powerhouse for Steaking Big Game Fish Like Salmon, Tuna and More.
Includes Protective Knife Sheath – Each Knife Includes a Light-Weight and Durable Sheath to Protect the Blade and Keep You Safe in Between Jobs. The Unique Design of the Sheath Will Lock the Handle in for Safety But Removes Easily When Needed. The Open Slots in the Sheath Are Design to Allow Water to Drain Easily So That Your Knives Stay Dry and Sharp.
Affordable Innovation – KastKing Fishing Knives Are Available in the Most Requested Lengths and Shapes So That You’ll Always Have the Right Tool for the Job. Available From a Beautiful 5” Bait Knife All the Way to a Tough 9” Steaking Knife for the Biggest Game Fish. All KastKing Fishing Tools Are Covered by Our Total Peace of Mind Warranty Against the Workmanship and Materials for the Original Owner. We Have Total Confidence in the Quality of All KastKing Fishing Tools and So Will You.

5” Versatile Knife – Fixed Blade
The 5” versatile fixed-blade outdoor knife is stiff and strong, it has a serrated top edge that makes cutting frozen bait or wood quick and easy. The razor-sharp leading edge allows the fisherman to easily prepare both chunk and cut plug style baits.

6”, 7” & 9” Fillet Knives – Flexible Blade
The Razor Sharp, Flexible and Curved Blade for perfect filleting fish, boning meet and processing any food .
Why KastKing knives are worth having?
Razor Sharp
Black, G4116 German Stainless Steel blades are razor sharp and maintain their edge for easy boning and filleting.


Fishing Filet Knives 8.3“, Professional Bait Knives for Filleting Fish and Boning Meat, Sharp Stainless-Steel Non-Stick Coating Blade, Non-Slip Handles&ABS Protective

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[Excellent Alloy Material] :Black Teflon Coated German 4116 Stainless Steel Blade with High Carbon and High Chromium, Enhanced Corrosion Resistance, Hardness, Tensile Strength and Excellent Edge Retention
[Multi-Function] :The 13.8” Bait Knife Is Stiff and Strong , It Has a Serrated Top Edge That Makes Cutting Frozen Bait Quick and Easy. High-Quality Stainless-Steel Blades Have a High Carbon Content to Retain Their Edge Sharpness Longer and a Higher Chromium Content to
[Lightweight & Vent Protective Sheath] :Each Knife Includes a Light-Weight and Durable Sheath to Protect Your Blade and Provide a Safe Storage Option for Your Knife. The Unique Design of the Sheath Will Lock the Handle in for Safety But Removes Easily When Needed. The Open Slots in the Sheath Are Design to Allow Water to Drain Easily So That Your Knives Stay Dry and Sharp. Can Be Carried Outdoors, on Cars and Ships.
[Great Gift for Fishermen] : Koodbuer Fishing Fillet Knife, Processing and Food Prep Knives Are Perfect for All Fresh and Saltwater Applications Or for Use in the Kitchen. It’s An Essential Starter Kit for New Fishing Enthusiasts, Which Can Fit Easily in Your Travel Gear, Backpacks, Fishing Kit, Boating Accessories and Camping Gear.The Fishing Fillet Knives Are Both Perfect in Length and Shape.
[Comfortable Non-Slip Grip] :The Textured-Rubber Handle Features An Ergonomic Comfort Design and Made of Slip-Resistant, Super Polymer Material, Safety and Comfort and Comfortable to Grip, Which Relieves Wrist Fatigue and Prevents Slipping, Ensuring Optimal Maneuverability.

Handle Material: PP, polymer

Blade Material: stainless steel

Blade Length: 8.3inch

Total Length: 13.8inch


Rapala 6" Fish'n Fillet Knife / Single Stage Sharpener / Sheath

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Easy to Use
The Product Is Fish ‘N Fillet 6″ Knife
The Product Is Manufactured in China
The Product Is Manufactured in China
The Product Is Fish ‘N Fillet 6″ Knife
The Genuine Leather Sheath and Single-Stage Sharpener Seal the Deal
The Genuine Leather Sheath and Single-Stage Sharpener Seal the Deal
Making It the “go-To” Fillet Knife in the Fishing World
Each Fish ‘n Fillet Features a Full-Tang Swedish Stainless Steel Blade
Each Fish ‘n Fillet Features a Full-Tang Swedish Stainless Steel Blade

Made by Marttiini, the makers of premium Rapala fillet knives for over 50 years.

More guts than any other knife, this is the one that taught the world to fillet. With over 40 million sold to date, this knife is used in more fishing camps, on more charter boats and by more fisherman than any other fillet knife in the world. Progressively tapered, flexible, full-tang blade of European stainless steel that takes and holds an ultra-sharp edge is securely anchored in legendary birch handle. All protected by a fine tooled leather Laplander sheath with “safety-first” free-swing belt loop that always keeps sheath and blade clear of the body. With four blade sizes to choose from, there’s one just right for every fish cleaning chore. Includes easy-to-use single-stage sharpener that keeps blade razor sharp.


Calamus Fishing Fillet Knife - 9 inch, German G4116 Stainless-Steel Blades with Corrosion Resistant Coating, Non-Slip Handles, Protective Nylon Sheath, Perfect For Fresh Or Saltwater

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Available in Four Different Lengths and Shapes – Calamus Filleting Knives and Bait Knives Are Available in Five Lengths and Shapes, So You’ll Always Have the Perfect Fixed Knife for the Job. Available in a Stiff 5” Bait Knife, a 7” & 9” Traditional/flexible Fillet Knife, and a Tough 9” Steaking/boning Knife.
G4116 German Stainless Blades – The Razor Sharp G4116 German Stainless-Steel Fish Fillet Knife and Bait Knife Blades Have a Beautiful Blue Corrosion Resistant Finish That Is Fresh and Clean Looking. It Is Also More Corrosion Resistant and Will Maintain Its Edge Longer to Make the Job of Filleting and Steaking Fish Quicker and More Efficient Than Ever Before.
Protective Nylon Sheath – Each Fillet Knife Includes a Lightweight and Durable Nylon Sheath That Protects the Blade and Keeps You Safe Between Jobs. The Sheath Is Vented to Allow for Air Circulation While Allowing Water to Drain Away Which Also Improves Corrosion Resistance.
Perfect for Fresh Or Saltwater – German G4116 Stainless-Steel Blades Stay Sharper Longer and Are Perfect for Both Fresh and Saltwater Fishing Applications. Also Great As a Hunting Knife, Kitchen Knife Or Chef Knife.
Non-Slip Golf Style Handles – Each Fishing Knife Has a Comfortable and Slip-Resistant, Golf Style Rubber Handle for Your Safety and All-Day Comfort. These Fillet Knife and Bait Knife Handles Feel Great in Your Hand and Provide a Solid Grip on the Knife in Both Wet and Dry Conditions. These Handles Are Also Up to 40% Lighter Than Some Comparative Handles Making the Job Much Easier.

Calamus fishing fillet and bait knives
Calamus fishing fillet and bait knives are setting a new standard for quality in the fishing world. The razor sharp, G4116 German stainless-steel blades are coated with a durable, blue corrosion resistant finish that looks fresh and clean while improving corrosion resistance.


Wild Fish 6-peice Fish Fillet Set, Multipurpose Set Ideal for Cleaning Fish and Many Other Kitchen Tasks

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THREE GREAT KINVES: This Wild Fish Knife Set Includes a 7-1/2-Iinch Fillet Knife, 6-Inch Fillet Knife, and a 5-Inch Two-Sided Serrated Utility Knife. Each Constructed with Durable 420 Stainless Steel Blades and Patented Sure-Grip Soft Rubber Handles.
VERSATILITY IN A FILLET SET: Flexible and Loaded with Cutting Precision, the Wild Fish 6-Piece Fish Fillet Set Can Do Everything From Cleaning Fish, Trimming Meat, and Preparing Fruits and Vegetables.
READY TO GO WHEN YOU ARE: Each Knife, the Sharpening Steel and a Durable Cutting Board Are Packed in An 8-3/4-Inch X 14-3/4-Inch X 1-5/8-Inch Impact-Resistant Carrying Case for Ease of Use and Storage. When You’re Ready to Fish, Just Grab and Go.
NEVER A DULL MOMENT: Keep Your Knives Sharp and Ready. We’ve Included a Matching Deluxe Sharpening Steel, So You’ll Never Need to Worry About a Dull Knife.
MAKES A GREAT GIFT IDEA: An Excellent Gift Idea for the Anglers Or Cooks in Your Life. Perfect for Birthdays and Holidays, You Just Can’t Go Wrong This Beautifully Organized Wild Fish Knife Set.

A fillet knife isn’t just for cleaning fish. You may be surprised to learn the Wild Fish 6pc Fish Fillet Set can perform many other kitchen tasks. Flexible and loaded with cutting precision, the knives in this fillet set can do everything from cleaning fish, to trimming meat, to preparing fruits and vegetables. This Wild Fish knife set includes a 7-1/2″ fillet knife, a 6″ fillet knife, and a 5” two-sided utility knife (serrated and scaler) constructed with durable 420 stainless steel blades and patented sure-grip soft rubber handles. A deluxe sharpening steel and cutting board complete the kit. Packed in an 8-3/4″ x 14-3/4″ x 1-5/8″ impact-resistant carrying case for ease of use and storage. Limited lifetime warranty.

A fillet knife isn’t limited to cleaning fish. A fillet knife is a very versatile kitchen tool that will quickly and easily trim and peel delicate fruits and vegetables a larger knife may squash. A fillet knife can trim and clean small cuts of meat in a few strokes. The Wild Fish Fish Fillet Knife Set has composite handles and quality 420 stainless steel blades.

Wild Fish
Wild Fish designs professional knives will provide years of service.


KastKing Folding Fillet/Fishing/Camping/Hunting Knife, Razor Sharp G4116 German Stainless-Steel Blade, Non-Slip Handles, 13 ½ inch Overall Length, only 7 ½ inch Folded, Includes Sheath

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Corrosion Resistant Finish – The New KastKing Folding Fillet/Camping/Hunting Knife Has a Corrosion Resistant, Titanium Bonded, Non-Stick Finish That Slides Through Fish Easily While Improving Long Term Corrosion Resistance.
Razor Sharp G4116 German Stainless Blades – The Razor Sharp G4116 German Stainless-Steel Blades Have a Beautiful Gray, Non-Stick Finish. This High-Quality Stainless Blade Will Maintain Its Edge Longer and Make the Job of Filleting Fish Easier Than Ever Before. It Has the Perfect Combination of Strength and Flexibility for the Perfect Fillet Every Time.
Includes Protective Knife Sheath – Each Knife Includes a Lightweight Sheath for Storage and Convenience While Fishing, Camping Or Hunting. Simply Fold Your Fillet Knife by Depressing the Release, Close the Blade and Insert Into the Sheath for Keeping It Safe in a Tackle Box, Boat and More.
Durable Non-Slip Grips – The Handle Frame Is Molded Using Glass Reinforced Polypropylene to Provide a Rigid and Strong Frame for This Durable Knife. The Handle Is Made of a Comfortable and Slip Resistant TPE Rubber That Also Provides Comfort During Use. These Handles Feel Great in Your Hand and Ensure That You”ll Always Have a Solid Grip on Your Knife.
Compact Size/Full Size Performance/Easy Storage – This Folding Fillet Knife Has An Overall Length of 13 ½” But Will Fold and Store in Only 7 ½”. The 6 ½” G4116 Blade Is Perfect for Most Fishing, Camping Or Hunting Applications and Feels and Performs Like a Fixed Blade Knife But Easily Stores in Your Tackle Box, Backpack, Etc., When Folded.

KastKing fishing knives are the ultimate tool for every fisherman. The beautiful black G4116 German stainless-steel blades are razor sharp and maintain their edge for those hard jobs that use to take so much time.

The durable G4116 German stainless-steel blades make these knives perfect for use in every fresh or saltwater fishing application.

The light-weight and slip resistant golf-style rubber grip that is both comfortable and highly functional.

KastKing fishing knives are the ultimate tool for every fisherman.


Fish Fillet Knife, 7 Inches Professional Fishing Fillet Knife Set Stainless Steel Blade in Corrosion Resistant Coating, with Sharpener and Cutting Resistant Gloves, for Fishing and Outdoor, Green

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Soft Non-Slip Rubber Handle: ThIS Fish Fillet Knife with Ergonomic Design of Its Handle, Which Is Comfortable and Safe, Enable You to Cut Fish Smoothly Without Causing Any Pain of Your Hands During Using, Providing You a Better Using Experience.
Muti-Functional Use Fillet Knife Fishing: High Quality Stainless Steel Blade, Makes It Sharp Enough to Cut Fish Easily. The Black Corrosion-Resitant Coating, Keeps It Shiny and Beautiful. And It’s Rust-Resistant, Tough and Durable. A Good Choice for Your Outdoor Or Home Use!
Portable Sharpener: Two-Sided Sharpening Material, One Side Is Used for Quick Recovery of the Blade, and the Other Side Is Used for Fine Polishing of the Blade. Easy for Using and Carrying.
Lightweight & Portable: The 7-Inch Size of the Fishing Fillet Knife Makes It a Perfect Balance Between Carrying and Using. The Lightweight Scabbard Prevents the Knife From Causing Harms and Doesn’t Increase Any Burden During Carrying!
Gloves to Protect Your Hands: Level 5 Resistance Cut-Resistant Gloves, Enable You to Hold the Handle Well and Protect Your Hands From Being Hurt by the Blade During Using. Perfect Fish Fillet Knife Set.

Howorr Fillet Knife Set
Great Value Outdoor Fishing Tool Set
Advantages of them?

1. 7 inch fillet knife – Sharp enough to cut fish easily. Shiny and beautiful. Rust-resistant, Tough and Durable. A good choice for your outdoor or home use!

2. Sharpener – Two-sided Sharpening material. For quick recovery and fine polishing of the blade. Easy for using and carrying.

3. Gloves – Level 5 Resistance Cut-resistant Gloves, help you hold the handle well and protect your hands from being hurt by the blade during using.


Kershaw Clearwater 9-In Fillet Knife (1259X) Fixed 420J2 High-Performance Stainless Steel Blade with Satin Finish, Black Textured Co-Polymer Handle with Neon-Green Detail and Included Sheath; 3.8 OZ

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Soft Textured, Co-Polymer Rubber Grip for a Comfortable In-Hand Feel That Won’t Slip and Neon-Green Accents for Identifying in a Marine Environment
9” Fixed Blade Made of 420J2 Stainless Steel Is Resistant to Corrosion and Includes An ABS Sheath with Belt Holster for Safe Storage
Softer Blade Steel Is Designed to Bend Without Breaking, Easily Slicing Through the Body of a Fish for the Ideal Fillet Every Time
Keep Handy in Boats, Tackle Boxes, Trucks, Backpacks, on Belts Or in the Kitchen
Excellent Knife for Filleting Larger Fresh and Salt-Water Fish Alike, Including Tilapia, Salmon, Snapper, Tuna, Snapper, Carp, Eel, Bass, Catfish and Cod

Kershaw 1259 Fillet Knife with Nine-Inch Blade features a stainless steel blade and co-polymer plastic handle. This fillet knife has a total length of 14.25 inches and weighs a total of 3.8 ounces. An ABS sheath is included.

About Kershaw Knives
Since the company’s founding in 1974, Kershaw Knives has been dedicated to quality that has led to a worldwide reputation for performance and innovation in tools and knives. From state-of-the-art manufacturing to advanced materials, customers rely on Kershaw for products that provide “technology with an edge.” Today, Kershaw is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kai Corporation–for over 90 years. Japan’s premier blade producer. Kai’s innovative approach to product development has resulted in over 10,000 superior products.


BUBBA Multi-Flex Interchangeable Blade, with Non-Slip Grip Handle, 4 Ti-Nitride S.S. Coated Non-Stick Blades and Case for Fishing

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DURABLE: 4 TiN-Coated, High-Carbon, Full Tang Stainless Steel Interchangeable Blades
DIMENSIONS: 6″ Handle Length; 7″, 8″ and 9″ Blade Lengths
VERSATILE: Includes 4 Different Full-Tang Blades, 8″ Ultra Flex, 7″ Tapered Flex, 9″ Stiff & 9″ Serrated Blade, Allowing You to Switch Between Blades Quickly and Seamlessly
RELIABLE: Patented Bubba Blade Non-Slip Grip Handle Ensure Reliable Use in Your Hand Even When Wet; Features Safety Guards for Protection From the Blade and Spines of Fish
EASE OF USE: Ergonomic Trigger & Guard with Seamless Fixed Blade Performance, Lanyard Hole and Premium EVA Case Ideal for Small, Medium and Large Size Fish

A first of its kind, the Multi-Flex is the ultimate fillet knife set for any type of fisherman. Featuring four different full-tang blades (7” Tapered Flex, 8” Ultra Flex, 9” Serrated Flex, 9” Stiff), the Multi-Flex brings the best of Bubba all in one. An easy-to-use squeeze and slide mechanism allows you to switch between blades quickly and seamlessly while the Flex-Change Locking System keeps the blade safe and secure. Our iconic, non-slip grip handle provides a consistent and Bubba signature feel. The Multi-Flex comes in a premium EVA carrying case with a puncture-resistant inner lining, removable tray for easy cleaning and a magnetic insert for blade security. The fillet knife will forever be changed.

The extreme flexibility stands out among its competitors. The sleek, sporty blade cuts precisely for detailing and plucking out bones.

Our most iconic style fillet knife. Perfect for cleaning all types of fish. Flexibility allows for more precise filleting around bones while providing enough rigidity to slice through heavy meat or cut through the bones of fish. Ideal for salt or freshwater fish.

The semi-flexible blade is more lenient than our Stiff fillet blades and is a great option for cutting through heavier meats such as tuna and/or wahoo.

The construction of the stiff style fillet knife has little flex, making it controllable and great for any large game fish. It doubles as a great utility knife for meat carvers as the 2mm- wide blade is ideal for precision cutting.


SZCO Supplies 12 Supplies Fish Fillet Sport Knife, red/Black, 211183

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RESILIENT: This Filet Knife Is Made with High Carbon Stainless Steel Trailing Point Blade That Has the Flexibility Needed to Easily Cut and Filet While Retaining the Edge and Is Resistant to Corrosion.
DIMENSIONS: 12 Inches Overall with a 7-Inch Blade and a 5-Inch Handle.
ON-THE-JOB: Perfect Gift Knife for the Sailor Or Fisherman in Your Life. Ideal Aquatic Knife for All Marine Related Tasks Like Cleaning a Fresh Catch, Cutting Bait, and Cooking.
HANDLING: Black and Red Rubberized ABS Handle with a Finger Ridge Is Featured in This Sport Knife for a Strong High Friction Hold and a Durable Nylon Sheath for Easy Storage and Quick Access.

DIMENSIONS: 12 inches overall with a 7-inch blade and a 5-inch handle.

RESILIENT: This filet knife is made with high carbon stainless steel trailing point blade that has the flexibility needed to easily cut and filet while retaining the edge and is resistant to corrosion.

HANDLING: Black and red rubberized ABS handle with a finger ridge is featured in this sport knife for a strong high friction hold and a durable nylon sheath for easy storage and quick access.

ON-THE-JOB: Perfect gift knife for the sailor or fisherman in your life. Ideal aquatic knife for all marine related tasks like cleaning a fresh catch, cutting bait, and cooking.


Bubba 9 Inch Tapered Flex Fillet Knife with Non-Slip Grip Handle, Full Tang High Carbon Stainless Steel Titanium Coated Non-Stick Blade, Lanyard Hole and Synthetic Sheath for Fishing

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EASE OF USE: Non-Slip Grip Handle for Outstanding Grip Security Providing Ultimate Knife Control with Trigger Grip for Added Security
DIMENSIONS: 15” Overall Length with 9” Blade
RELIABLE: Features Safety Guards for Protection From the Blade and Spines of Fish
DURABLE: Ideal for Detailed Precision Cutting, a Super Thin 8Cr13MoV Blade Allows for Effortless Maneuvering to Easily Remove Meat Without Loss, Making It the Ideal Fishing Knife
CONVENIENT: The Ti-Nitride Coated, Rust Resistant Blade Cuts Through Scales Easily and Features An Extra Sharp Tip to Make Starting Your Cut a Breeze and a Sheath with a Belt Loop for Close, Hands Free Carry

Long famous for our fillet knives and as creators of the iconic, non-slip grip we are in relentless in the pursuit of developing the highest quality, best performing and most durable fillet knife on the water. BUBBA first emerged from the coast of California in San Diego—a knife tough enough to withstand the grueling saltwater conditions. Now, we’ve expanded—reaching freshwater and saltwater fishermen all over the world. Our iconic, Bubba Red “Non-Slip Grip” handle and premium razor-sharp steel blades continue to stay at the forefront of our fillet knives.

The Bubba Blade 9 inch Tapered Flex blade is perfect for filleting fish. We use the same patented textured non-slip grip handle and stainless steel that Bubba Blades are known for. The non-stick coated blade makes filleting smaller pan fish and meat cutting even easier. Add this blade to our Flex and Stiff knives and have the perfect set for filleting and carving.


Sharp Boning Fillet Knife Fishing - Professional Heavy Duty Stainless Metal Flexible Outdoor Filet Knifes for Fish Sheath Set Processing Salmon Halibut Codfish Easy Cleaning 9 Inch by Remylife

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Ultra-Fine Edge – The Fillet Knives, Which RemyLife Has Worked with the Steel Manufacturer That Possesses Over 20-Year Experience in Knife Making, Have High-Performance Razor Sharp Blades That Bend and Adapt Themselves Perfectly to Each Fish.
Sharp And Flexible – A Fillet Knife Needs to Be Sharp So You Can Make a Smooth Cut, Just Like Butter! Our Fish Fillet Knife Allows You to Smoothly Cut Along the Backbone and Under the Skin of the Meat So That No Consumable Parts Are Wasted.
Premium Material – Is 5cr13 Stainless Steel Good for Knives? As Experienced Knife Users Will Agree, the Hardness Level Offered by This Steel Is the Best Material for Making Heavy-Duty Fish Fillet Knives. The Benefit of Reduced Hardness Is That Your Knife Doesn’t Get Too Brittle and Will Stand Up to Tough Tasks. It Is Also the Greatest Choice for Corrosion Resistance.
Comfortable Handle – Our Fishing Knife Provides a Proper Grip and Comfort When in Use. For Obvious Safety Reasons and Best Usage, It Shouldn’t Slip When Wet Or When You’re Getting the Proper Leverage on the Knife.
30-DAY GUARANTEE – If for Any Reason You Are Not Completely Satisfied with Our Cooking Scissors Kit, Return It to Us Within 90 Days and You Will Receive a Replacement Or Full Refund.

What is the purpose of a Fillet Knife?


A fillet knife allows you to cut a whole fish so that you’re left with a boneless fillet. Have you ever bought frozen fish before — battered or otherwise — and noticed they lack bones? That’s because before they reach the store, they’ve gone through a proper filleting process.

What is a good fillet knife for fish?

There are plenty of good fillet knives on the market, but nothing beats the excellent thin, sharp, and rust-resistant stainless steel selection by RemyLife. We know that when you prepare fish, you want to do it properly. Our knives are designed with care and attention, so you can make a clean cut and remove all of the fish bones with ease.


KastKing Intimidator Bait Knife and Fillet Knives with Sharpening Steel, Ultra-Sharp G4116 German Stainless-Steel Blades, Non-Slip Handle, Protective Sheath, 9'' Fillet Knife and Honing Rod

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Choose the Best Knife – Our 5” Intimidator Bait Knife Has a Stiff Blade, with a Serrated Top Edge for Cutting Frozen Bait Fish. The Extremely Sharp Cutting Edge Makes It Easy to Cut Both Chunk Bait and Plug Style Bait with Ease. The 6”, 7”, and 9” Filet Knives Are Thinner and More Flexible Making Them Ideal for Precisely Carving Fish Filets Or Cutting Meat Off the Bone of Any Beef, Pork Or Poultry.
Sharp Stainless Blades – All KastKing Intimidator Bait Knife and Fillet Knife Are Manufactured with G4116 German Stainless-Steel and Ground to a Precise Ultra-Sharp Edge. These Knives Function Well in Both Freshwater and Saltwater and Will Maintain Their Precision Cutting Edge Longer Than Most. The KastKing Intimidator Fishing Knives Are Idea for Cutting Bait, Fileting Any Size Fish, Or Removing Meat From the Bone.
Slip-Resistant Handle – The Thermoplastic Elastomer Grip Provides a Comfortable Non-Slip Grip for the Ultimate in Safety. The Ergonomic Intimidator Handle Is Designed to Fit Comfortably in Your Hand and the Index Finger Trigger Grip Helps to Ensure You Always Have Complete Control, As You Cut Bait Or Filet Your Catch.
Protective Sheath – Each Fishing Knife Comes with a Light-Weight Durable Sheath to Protect the Blade Edge During Storage and to Keep You Safe. The Open Design Allows Water to Drain and Promotes Air Flow So That Your Fishing Knives Stay Sharp and Dry.
Includes Bonus Sharpener – All KastKing Intimidator Bait Knife and Fillet Knives Come with a Professional Honing Rod So You Can Maintain a Precise Razor-Sharp Edge on Your Knives. The Super Hard HRB 62 Rod Allows You to Hone the Edge of Your Knife Quickly and Easily, and the Ergonomic Non-Slip Handle Will Help Keep You Safe.

The KastKing Intimidator series of knives are available in a variety of sizes to suite your needs. Our 5” bait knife has a serrated back edge for cutting frozen bait, a gut hook for cleaning fish, and a blade for cutting bait. The 6”, 7”, and 9” filet knives are thinner and more flexible making them ideal for precisely carving filets in small to large fish.
Each knife includes a precision honing rod so you can ensure your knives are always sharp and ready for the next job. Make sure the KastKing Intimidator knives are part of your fishing gear.


RUNCL Fishing Fillet Knife Combo Set, Fishing Tools Kit With 6" Fillet Knife, Scissors, Sharpener, Fishing Pliers and 3600 Tackle Box

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[6″ Sharp Fillet Knife with Sheath] Anti-Slip Ergonomic TPR Handle and Hollow Design for Lightweight, Ensure a Comfortable Grip to Cut, Trim Or Remove Meat and Fish. Also Reducing Hand Fatigue After Long Periods of Use Even in the Slickest Conditions. Includes the Protective Knife Sheath with the Open Slots, Allows Water to Drain Easily So That Your Knives Stay Dry and Sharp. The Sharpener Allows for on the Spot Sharpening for Both Your Hook and Knife Without Having to Switch Sharpening Stones.
[6 in 1 Fishing Fillet Knife Combo Set] You Will Totally Get 6 Pieces Things, They Are: 1PC*3600 Size Tackle Box + 1PC*6″ Fillet Knife + 1PC*Fishing Plier + 1PC*Knife Sharpener + 1PC*Scissors + 1PC*R-Shaped Carabiner. The Professional Grade Fillet Knife Fishing Kit Will Definitely Meet Your Different Fishing Functions.
[Fishing Scissor] The Curved Shape Blades of Fishing Scissor Is Easy to Cleanly Cut Fish Maw, Fishing Braid Line, Lures, and Etc. Rubberized Handle Is Easy Grip and Non-Slip Cutting, Also Can Be a Opener Or a Clip. You Will Get These Fishing Tools to Meet the Different Needs, So That You’ll Always Have the Right Tool for the Fishing.
[Fishing Plier with Lock Catch] The Plier Features Lock Catch Design, Which Makes It More Easier to Carry and Store. Corrosion Resistant 420 Stainless Steel Material Makes It Last Longer Than Average Stainless Steel Pliers, It Can Cut Braid, Crimp Weights, Split Rings, and Remove Hook Etc, Give Anglers Maximum Versatility to Accomplish Any Task
[3600 Size Tackle Box] Dimension Is L 11.6 X W 7.6 X H 1.9 in Inches, You Can DIY Design the Box Space Freely to Get Adjustable Most 10 Grids Compartments to Store Lures and Any Small Item. And the Tackle Storage Tray Is Made of Durable Frosting PP Material, Strong and Wear-Resistant, the Groove Grain Anti-Skid Design on the Top Is Also Convenient to Carry, Which Provides Anglers with Durable Storage and Organizing Solution for Small Tools

The professional grade fillet knife fishing kit will meet your different fishing functions.
6″ Sharp Fillet Knife with Sheath:Saltwater Fishing knife with anti-slip ergonomic TPR handle and hollow design for lightweight, ensure a comfortable grip to cut, trim or remove meat and fish.
Fishing Plier with Lock Catch:Fishing Pliers features lock catch design, which makes it more easier to carry and store. Corrosion resistant 420 Stainless Steel material makes it last longer than average stainless steel pliers.
3600 Size Tackle Box:Fishing tackle box dimension is L 11.6 x W 7.6 x H 1.9 in inches, you can DIY design the box space freely to get adjustable most 10 grids compartments to store lures and any small item.
Knife Sharpener:The curved shape blades of fishing scissor is easy to cleanly cut fish maw, fishing braid line, lures, and etc. Rubberized handle is easy grip and non-slip cutting, also can be a opener or a clip.
Knife Sharpener:The sharpener can allows for on-the-spot sharpening for both your hook and knife without having to switch sharpening stones, that is more convenient.
R Hook:Secure small items so you don’t lose things like keys while outdoors.


Smith's 51233 Lawaia Electric Fillet Knife, White

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7″ Stainless Steel Blade
Removable Blades
Smith’s Fillet XL Fillet Glove
Marine Grade Mesh Storage Bag
Included Components: Electric Knife; 8″ Flex Fillet Blade W/Sheath; 8″ Fillet Blade W/Sheath; Fillet Glove; Storage Bag; Packaging
7″ Stainless Steel Flex Blade
6′ 120 Volt AC Power Cord

Smith’s Lawaia electric fillet knife has been designed and tested to have the best airflow on the market. The cooling vents and handle placement will ensure endless cleaning capability for that big haul. The Lawaia comes with two 7″ stainless steel blade with sheath your added protection during storage. The first 7″ blade features an extra sharp curved design. The second 7″ Flex blade is designed with increased flexibility with easy filleting. Also included is an XL fillet glove for your added protection. Storage of the Lawaia electric fillet knife will be easy when stored in the Marine grade mesh bag.


Fillet Knife, 7inch/9inch Stainless Steel Curved Boning Knife with 1 Two Stage Grindstone Knife Sharpener, Sharp Knife for Fishing Filleting, Ventilated Knife Cover Sheath with Open Slots

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Non-Slip Polymer Handle: Non-Slip Polymer Made PP Handle Is Ergonomically Designed, Comfortable to Grip, Which Relieves Wrist Fatigue and Prevents Slipping, Ensuring Optimal Maneuverability and Which Comparatively Keeps the Blade Sharp.
Sharp Stainless-Steel Blade: Crafted From German Stainless Steel G4116 with Teflon Finish, the Blade Has Ultra-Sharp Edge for Easily Peeling, Filleting, Slicing, Cutting Fish, Chicken and Other Meats.
Sleek Look: Blade Length: 7inch/9inch(17.78cm/22.86cm), Total Length: 12.6inch/15inch(32cm/38cm). Black & White Zebra-Striped Handle and White Sheath Exude a Cool and Lively Sense.
Perfect for Fresh Or Saltwater: Fillet Knife Stay Sharper Longer and Are Perfect for Both Fresh and Saltwater Fishing Applications. Also Great for Filleting Fish, Boning Meat and Processing Any Food.
Bonus 2-Stage Grindstone: It Features 2 Stages: Crossed Carbide Blades for Quickly Rejuvenating the Edge and Crossed Ceramic Rods for Fine Sharpening, Retaining the Knife’s Sharpness for Long-Term Use.

Comfortable & Non-Slip Handle
Ergonomic grip handle, exquisite and comfortable to control.
Non-slip polymer with premium PP ensures slip-resistant and secure using.
Sheath with Open Slots
Other sheathes are commonly designed without holes, which are prone to get mildewing.
However, our knife has multiple special open slots for fast water run-off to stay dry & sharp.
Bonus Free Two-Stage Grindstone
1 bonus multifunctional 2-stage grindstone, easy-to-use, solid and durable for getting a perfect and sharp knife edge.
Crossed carbide blades for quick edge setting, and crossed ceramic rods for fine and delicate sharping.


danco Pro Series Roll Up Bag Kit | 5" & 7" Fillet Knives and 9" Stout Knife | Full Tang German G4116 Stainless-Steel Blades with Teflon Coating, Nylon Roll Up Sheath, Perfect for Saltwater Fishing & Hunting (Seafoam)

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ADVANCED TPR GRIP – Ergonomic and Textured Dual Molded Grip for Comfort and Slip Resistance with a Full Tang Blade Construction
DURABLE GERMAN G4116 STAINLESS STEEL – High-Quality Full Tang German Stainless-Steel Blade Coated with Dupont Teflon for Easy Cleaning and Excellent Corrosion Resistance
PROTECTIVE MOLDED NYLON SHEATH – Durable and Perfect Fitting Nylon Sheath with Belt Loop Included
LIFETIME WARRANTY – We Stand Behind Our Product with Honesty, Respect and Loyalty; This Danco Product Is Warranted to Be Free From Defects in Workmanship and Material
3 DIFFERENT LENGTHS & SHAPES – 5″ & 7″ Traditional/flexible Fillet Knife, and 9″ Stout Boning/steaking Knife

DURABLE GERMAN G4116 STAINLESS STEEL – High-quality full tang German stainless-steel blade coated with Dupont Teflon for easy cleaning and excellent corrosion resistance. ADVANCED TPR GRIP – Ergonomic and textured dual molded grip for comfort and slip resistance with a full tang blade construction. 3 DIFFERENT LENGTHS & SHAPES – 5″ & 7″ traditional/flexible fillet knife, and 9″ Stout boning/steaking knife. PROTECTIVE MOLDED NYLON SHEATH – Durable and perfect fitting nylon sheath with belt loop included. LIFETIME WARRANTY – We stand behind our product with honesty, respect and loyalty; This danco product is warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and material.


Piscifun Fillet Knife, Sharp G4116 German Stainless-Steel Corrosion Resistant Blade for Meat 7", with Sharpening Bar Knife, Non-Slip Handles and Locking Nylon Sheath, Fishing and Bait Knife Perfect for Fishing(Saltwater and Fresh water)/Camping/Hunting

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[Corrosion Resistance & Durability] The Razor X Blade Uses a High Quality Coating, Which Provides 30% Higher Corrosion Resistance Than a Normal Fillet Knife, Which Has Perfect Performance in Both Freshwater and Saltwater. Filleting Fish of All Sizes, Steaking Large Game Fish and Trim Or Remove Meat and Fish From the Bone Easier Than Ever Before.
[G4116 German Stainless Blades] The Fillet Knife Blade Is Made of German G4116 Stainless, Sharp and Durable. Not Only Sharp, But Also Perfectly Flexible, So the Size Profile Naturally Forms the Perfect Fillet.
[Versatile Knife Sheath] The Razor X Fillet Knife Sheath Has a Pop-Up Sharpening Bar, a Embedded V-Type Grindstone and a Belt Loop. These Features Make for Easy Sharpening and Carrying.
[Non-Slip & Comfortable Rubber Handle ] The Razor X Fillet Knife Has a Comfortable Slip-Resistant Rubber Handle for Your Safety and All Day Comfort, You Can Get An Extremely Firm Grip. Meanwhile, the Handle Is Easy to Clean and Not Easily Deformed.
[Meet Your Various Needs] Available in Five Different Lengths and Shapes , So You’ll Always Have the Perfect Fixed Knife for the Job. Available in a Stiff 5” Bait Knife, a 6”, 7” & 9” Traditional/flexible Fillet Knife, and a Tough 9” Steaking/boning Knife.

Package Dimensions 14.72 x 4.17 x 1.26 inches
Item Weight 8.8 ounces
Manufacturer Piscifun

What is the best fish filleting knife for?

Home cooks may find filleting fish difficult. However, the right tools can make it much easier. A fillet knife can be an indispensable tool for efficiently breaking down and portioning fish. A fish fillet knife is different from a regular kitchen knife. Its blade should be flexible and lighter, so you can maneuver around tiny bones.

A good fish fillet knife should have several key features. First, you want a high-quality, long-lasting blade that is thin and flexible. This will allow you to cut fish fillets in different sizes and textures. The best fish fillet knife was lightweight, durable, light, sturdy, and easy to hold. It also had a strong handle that doesn’t slip, even when filleting slippery fish. We also looked at other aspects such as the blade style, electric and manual fish fillet knife options. The Wusthof Classic 7 inch Fish Fillet Knife’s super thin design and durability made it our favorite. This fish fillet knife can be used to make precise cuts and is lightweight.

Fish anglers need to trust their fillet knives when processing their catch. Nobody wants to rip their fresh fish to pieces, and there is no safer way than using a poor blade. Fillet knives that are durable, flexible, easy to sharpen, and provide a lot of grip need to be the best. These qualities are not a recommendation but a requirement for the best fillets.

Outdoormen and women spend too much time, energy and money searching for the best gear. There are many great electric and manual fillet knives available, no matter what type of fish you work with. The right fillet knife is essential for me to be able to process and cook many fish in a year. Below is a list of the top fillet knives available for different users.

Things to consider before buying a fillet knife


One of the most important characteristics of a fillet knives is its length. This determines how much control you have when cutting with the knife. Because the blade is shorter, it allows for precise cuts. It’s not ideal for long strokes. A shorter blade can also be more rigid and allow you to put more effort into your cut. A longer blade on the other side offers greater reach and flexibility. A longer reach allows you to cut larger fish more easily and in places that are difficult to reach.


Q: What is the best fish filleting knife for?

There are several key qualities that make a great fillet knife. They must be easy to sharpen and clean up, have a good grip in wet conditions, and are also very sharp. The right length and flex are essential for fish filleting knives. The best electric fillet knife should be light, balanced, and strong enough to cut through any material. A quality motor is also essential.

What is the cost of a fillet knife?

The majority of fillet knives can be purchased for a very low price. These knives cost between $20 and $80. Some of the more expensive Japanese and electric fillet knives can be purchased for as high as $100 to $300.

Q: What length is the best for a fish filleting blade?

Your personal preference and the fish you are using will determine the best length of a fillet blade. If I had to choose one, I would pick a 7-inch knife.

Last Thoughts

A fillet knife is a must-have in any tackle box or kitchen. You don’t have to buy the best fillet knives. There are many options. Many fillet knives can be found at a very affordable price. You don’t have to buy expensive handcrafted steel or high-end electric knives. It won’t hurt your bank account to get a few.

It’s important to have the right tools for your needs when it comes time to feed yourself and your family. There are a few common characteristics among the best fillet knives. These knives are sharp and durable. They can also be sharpened quickly, are easy to sharpen, have a lot of grip, are affordable, and they are very reasonably priced. These knives can be used to turn your catch into dinner.

When you are going to prepare the fish for processing, a fillet knife is essential. These are the top-rated ones.


Many people believe they can use any knife to do the job. You will have more fun in the kitchen if you spend a little bit on a high-quality fish knife. You will also be proud of the exquisite produce that is laid before you.

How to choose the best filet knife

The main difference between a traditional and a filleting knife is its blade. The blade of a filleting knife is lighter and more flexible, allowing you to easily separate the flesh and bone.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the top filet knives available. Before you make your purchase, we will tell you what qualities to look for in a good knife.

Before you make a purchase, there are some things you should consider. You want a knife that lasts. This knife will last you a long time and be more affordable. Let’s now look at the top fillet knives available. We’ll then go over some basics about filet knives. Jump to the knowledge section.

Conclusion: The Best Fish Fillet Knife

You can see that fillet knives are available in many different shapes and makes. If you’re looking for a fillet knife to take on trips or for outdoor use, you might consider a different kind.

Perhaps you are looking for a premium fillet knife that can be used in your kitchen for special occasions. All the knives we tested promise quality and durability, no matter what you choose.

FAQs: Fillet knives frequently asked questions

Which size is the best fish fillet knife for you?

The type of fish that you intend to fillet will determine the size of your fillet knife. A 6-inch blade works well for smaller species like perch. A 7.5-inch blade will work well for cutting trout or bass. A 9-inch blade is suitable for larger species like pike or salmon.

What makes a great filet knife?

The handle and the blade are two of the most important aspects of a good fillet knife. A quality fillet knife that lasts for many years is worth the investment. You want a grip that is strong, non-slippery, and easy to clean.

What should I look out for in a fillet blade?

There are many factors that go into choosing the best fillet knives. It is important to have a sharp but flexible knife. Consider the size of your knife depending on how large the fish you are planning to cut.

How thick should a fillet knives be?

Fillet knives’ blades are often very thin to allow them to cut fish easily. Most fillet knives measure between 2.5 and 3 mm at the spine.

To fillet fish, do you need a fillet blade?

A fillet knife can be used to cut fish like salmon and trout. A fillet knife is different from a regular kitchen knife in that it has a thicker blade and more flexibility. A fillet knife has a thinner blade and is more flexible, making it easier to cut along the fish’s spine.

Are Bubba knives really worth it?

Many fishermen love Bubba knives, as do hobby chefs. Bubba knives are distinguished by their unique handle design and excellent grip.

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Although you might call me old-fashioned, when I fish, my primary goal is to bring home dinner. A fillet knife is necessary to get fish from the water to your table. There are many options for fillet knives, from simple ones with plastic or wood handles to more advanced electric models that can quickly handle a limit. It can be difficult to distinguish the good from the bad fillet knives in the sea of great options. To make it easier, I tested the top fillet knives with fresh and saltwater fish to determine which one best suits your needs.

Q: Is it possible to use a kitchen knife or a pocket knife to clean a fish?

You can clean fish with any type of knife. You can clean fish with any type of knife. I have used everything, from a small pen to a large butcher knife. But, as with all jobs, it is much easier and more efficient to use the right tools. A good fillet knife is more flexible than a pocket or kitchen knife. It allows you to closely follow the backbone and remove as much fillet as possible.

Q: How can I sharpen my knife?

Two stages are required to sharpen a knife. The knives I tested were razor-sharp right out of the box. To maintain this edge, you can use a honing rod to run over the blade before or afterwards. The edge will stay sharp by a few passes over a honing rod or ceramic rod. A dull fillet knife, like any other blade, is dangerous and irreparable. You can use a sharpener to repair the edge once it has worn down. You can sharpen a knife with a stone, diamond or belt system. The most important thing is to keep the blade at the same angle on both sides. You can move from a rough abrasive surface towards finer grits until your desired edge is achieved.

Q: What is the cost of a fillet knife?

I was able to test fillet knives at prices ranging from $16 to over $200. Price is affected by components like the blade size, steel composition, as well as handle material. Due to the battery cost and electrical components, cordless electric models are more expensive than fixed blades. A good fillet knife is an investment. A good fillet knife can last many years if it is well maintained. It’s worth spending a little more upfront to get a better blade.

The best knife set for your kitchen ultimately depends on your needs, but no matter which one you choose, make sure it’s quality.

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