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Messermeister Meridian Elite Starter Knife Set - Includes 8" Chef's Knife, 6" Utility Knife & 3.5" Paring Knife - Rust Resistant & Easy to Maintain


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Knife Set with Magnetic Bar, Colorful 10-Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools, Magnet Bar for Storage and Organization - Chef Knives by Classic Cuisine


#TOP 3

Victorinox Forschner 7 Pc Fibrox Deluxe Culinary Knife Roll Set,Black


TOP 17 Best Knife Sets Reviews 2023


Messermeister Meridian Elite Starter Knife Set - Includes 8" Chef's Knife, 6" Utility Knife & 3.5" Paring Knife - Rust Resistant & Easy to Maintain

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WHAT’S INCLUDED – This Trio Consists of the Meridian Elite 8″ Chef’s Knife, 6″ Utility Knife & 3.5″ Paring Knife. These Are the Three Most Used Knives in the Kitchen, Making This Set the Perfect Addition to Your Cutlery Collection.
KNIFE SET – Meridian Elite Knives Define Tradition with the Triple-Rivet, Full-Exposed Tang Series. Handcrafted in Solingen, Germany, They Are One Piece, Hot-Drop Hammer Forged for a Sharper Knife with POM Handles for Comfort and Durability.
OUR STORY – Founded in 1981, Messermeister Is a Leading Manufacturer of Premium Handcrafted Kitchen Cutlery. Today, We’re a Family and Women-Owned Company, Continuing to Bring Innovation & Creativity to Kitchens Around the World.
HIGH QUALITY – Our 15-Degree Blades Are Handcrafted From German 1.4116 Steel Alloy for Knives That Are Sharp, Rust Resistant & Easy to Maintain. The Bolsterless Heel Simplifies All Cutting, Sharpening & Honing Tasks, Making Use of the Entire Blade.

Located in Ojai, California, Messermeister (“messer” meaning knife and “meister” meaning master in German) sources the world to find the very best manufacturing quality.

We use production processes that minimize and reuse waste. Our goal is to create the highest quality products that balance performance with respect for the environment.

Now led by founder Bernd Dressler’s wife Debra and daughters Kirsten and Chelcea, Messermeister is the only fully women-owned and operated knife company in the world.


Knife Set with Magnetic Bar, Colorful 10-Piece Stainless Steel Kitchen Tools, Magnet Bar for Storage and Organization - Chef Knives by Classic Cuisine

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EASY TO STORE – Chef Knife Set Comes with a Handy Magnetic Knife Bar to Hang Your Knives on for Safe Organization and Saving Space on Your Countertops. Easy Storage Makes These Pretty Multicolor Knives the Essential Kitchen Tools for Small Kitchens.
HIGH QUALITY – This 10-Pc Culinary Knife Set Is Intended for Long Lasting Use and Is Made with High Quality Stainless-Steel. The Food Safe, Stick Resistant Coating Makes for Easier Cutting with Vivid Colors That Help Prevent Cross Contamination.
PRODUCT DETAILS – Chef’s Knife, Slicing/Carving Knife, Bread Knife, Santoku, Serrated Utility Knife, Half Serrated Cutlet Knife, Straight Edge Utility Knife, Cheese, Tomato and Vegetable Knife, Magnetic Bar (mounting Screws and Anchors Included)
GREAT GIFT – Any Professional Chef Or Home Cook Will Love This Colorful Magnetic Knife Set by Classic Cuisine. A Great Gift Idea for Weddings, House Warmings, Graduation, Or to Add to a Registry List for Any Occasion.

Knife Set with Magnetic Bar
The stainless-steel blades of this 10-Piece Culinary Knife set by Classic Cuisine are colored with a food safe, stick resistant coating. Not only do the vivid colors on these essential chef tools add life to your kitchen, they also help you remember which knife was used on meats and vegetables, helping prevent cross contamination when cooking. The magnetic knife bar makes easy storage a snap, keeping knives safely organized and off your countertops. Set includes: 8-inch chef’s knife, 8-inch slicing/carving knife, 7.5 Inch bread knife, 6.5 Inch Santoku, 6.5 Inch serrated utility knife, 5.5 Inch half serrated cutlet knife, 5-inch straight edge utility knife, 4.5 Inch cheese knife, 4-inch tomato knife, 3.5 Inch vegetable knife, 21.5 Inch magnetic knife bar, 2 anchors and 2 screws for mounting magnetic knife bar

This 10-pc culinary knife set is intended for long lasting use and is made with high quality stainless-steel. The food safe, stick resistant coating makes for easier cutting with vivid colors that help prevent cross contamination.

Chef knife set comes with a handy magnetic knife bar to hang your knives on for safe organization and saving space on your countertops. Easy storage makes these pretty multicolor knives the essential kitchen tools for small kitchens.

Any professional chef or home cook will love this colorful magnetic knife set by Classic Cuisine. A great gift idea for weddings, house warmings, graduation, or to add to a registry list for any occasion.

The stainless-steel blades of this 10-Piece Culinary Knife set by Classic Cuisine are colored with a food safe, stick resistant coating. Not only do the vivid colors on these essential chef tools add life to your kitchen, they also help you remember which knife was used on meats and vegetables, helping prevent cross contamination when cooking. The magnetic knife bar makes easy storage a snap, keeping knives safely organized and off your countertops. Set includes:
8-inch chef’s knife, 8-inch slicing/carving knife, 7.5 Inch bread knife, 6.5 Inch Santoku, 6.5 Inch serrated utility knife, 5.5 Inch half serrated cutlet knife, 5-inch straight edge utility knife, 4.5 Inch cheese knife, 4-inch tomato knife, 3.5 Inch vegetable knife, 21.5 Inch magnetic knife bar, 2 anchors and 2 screws for mounting magnetic knife bar


Victorinox Forschner 7 Pc Fibrox Deluxe Culinary Knife Roll Set,Black

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DESIGNED FOR BOTH HOME AND PROFESSIONAL KITCHENS: Just As Everything That Comes with the Victorinox Brand, These NSF Knives Have Been Designed with the Utmost Quality, Bringing a Professional Blade Design That Is Ready for Both Established and Aspiring Chefs Whether That Means At Work, in Culinary School Or in Your Own Kitchen.
IDEAL CHEF EQUIPMENT SET: Each Knife Features a Supremely Comfortable Ergonomic Fibrox Pro Handle, That Will Surely Help You Deliver the Perfect Slice Every Time. This Culinary Equipment Set Comes with a 3-1/4″ Spear Point Paring Knife (#40600), 6″ Boning Knife (#40513), 8″ Chef’s Knife (#40520), 10″ Granton Slicer (#40633), 9″ Offset Wavy Bread Knife (#40550), 9″ Sharpening Steel (#40687), & Black Polyester Roll Bag.
SLIP RESISTANT HANDLE APPROVED BY THE NSF: The Patented Fibrox Handle Was Supremely Crafted for Both Comfort and Slip Resistance When Wet. This Product Is Approved by the National Sanitary Foundation (NSF).
PROFESSIONAL GRADE BLADES: The High Carbon Stainless-Steel Blades Provide Maximum Sharpness and Longer Edge Retention. They Are Conical Ground Through Length and Depth for a Wider Break Point and Ice Tempered to Sustain Sharpness Longer Making Them the Perfect Professional Quality Knife Set.
MORE BLADE COVERAGE: The Blades Are Stamped From Cold-Rolled Steel and Have Bolsterless Edges Giving You Use of Entire Blade Not to Mention Easing the Process of Sharpening.

Cutlery Roll Set, 7-piece set includes: 3-1/4″ spear point paring knife (#40600), 6″ boning knife (#40513), 8″ chef’s knife (#40520), 10″ granton slicer (#40633), 9″ offset wavy bread knife (#40550), 9″ steel (#40687), & black polyester roll bag, high carbon stainless steel blades, Fibrox Pro handles, black Model# 46152


Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set

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9.5-Inch Kiritsuke Knife
6.5-Inch Boning Knife
Single Bevel Kata-Ha Blade
Lifetime Guarantee

Inspired by a thousand years of craftsmanship Kamikoto 神箏 has crafted the Kamikoto Kensei Knife Set – a celebration of Japan’s legendary craftsmanship in blades. Forged using high-grade steel from Honshu 本州 Japan, this pair of versatile knives perform a range of skilled tasks. The set includes a Kiritsuke knife and a Honesuki boning knife, forged and tested to the meticulous standards of Kamikoto 神箏. The single bevel Kiritsuke knife is ideal for slicing fish or for deft work with vegetables. Weighted and balanced for optimal handling it is light yet substantial, and robust yet razor sharp. The Honesuki boning knife is perfect for de-boning poultry, and is adept for other purposes such as filleting. It is thin, light and nimble, with a reverse tanto tip allowing for easy piercing and precise cuts. Each individual set comes in an ash wood box for storage and safekeeping, complete with an individually signed certificate of authenticity.


Shun VBS0200 Sora 2-Piece Knife Set

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Sora Knives Feature a VG10 Cutting Core with Stainless Steel on Either Side, Creating a San Mai Edge That Provides Stain Resistance
2-Piece Sora Knife Set by Shun; Features a 3.5-Inch Sora Paring Knife and 6-Inch Sora Chef’s Knife
Made with a Traditional Handle Design in Easy to Care for Textured PP/TPE Polymer
Hand Wash Only; Made in Japan
Blades Have a Mirror-Polished Japanese 420J Blade Upper and a 16-Degree Cutting Edge on Either Side

The Shun Sora 2-Piece Knife Set in a gift box is the perfect starter set of knives for the novice, or will be appreciated by the culinary professional knife and cutlery enthusiast. Paring and coring is made easy with the Shun Sora 3.5-inch paring knife. Perfect for delicate garnishing or intricate knife work, the paring knife is a must-have for any kitchen. The 6-Inch Chef’s knife is a great all-purpose knife for kitchen prep. With its smaller size, you’ll find that it’s more agile and maneuverable, while the curved belly allows you to gently rock through herbs and spices to create a fine mince. Sora, in Japanese, means “sky”. Let your imagination take you-the sky’s the limit with what you can do with your Shun Sora Knives. Sora uses Shun’s proprietary Composite Blade technology to bring together a VG10 san mai cutting edge with a Japanese 420J stainless steel upper. This technology puts high-performance material exactly where it’s needed-on the edge. These knives boast a razor-sharp 16-degree cutting angle on each side of the blade. Laser-cut, 2-sections are fit together and braze welded to permanently join them. Blade shapes and handles are designed as traditional Japanese knives, while the beautiful wavy pattern on each blade is reminiscent of Japanese sword hamon lines. Each handle is made with a textured PP/TPE polymer that provides balance and is easy to maintain. A contemporary look, secure grip and balance and is easy to maintain. A stunning Shun knife at an incredible price point; you can afford to have one in every style.


Knife set (Pink) 9 Pieces Stainless Steel Japanese Kitchen Knife Set With Hallow Handle and Acrylic knife Holder

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EASY STORAGE: Multi-Piece Design,knife Holder Storage, Does Not Take Up Space and Meets Your Needs for Daily Kitchen Life
SHARP BLADE:Stainless Steel Blade, Not Easy to Rust Sharp and Easy to Grind, Easy to Use
ONE PIECE: The Blade and the Handle Are Integrally Formed, and the Handle Is Not Easy to Break
COMFORTABLE HANDLE: The Comfortable Handle Makes It Easy to Use, Fits the Hand and Feels Good, Not Easy to Hurt Your Hands and Not Easy to Fatigue After Long-Term Use

Color Pink
Brand Generic
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 6.5 x 6.69 x 14.76 inches


GELA EK-0848 10 Piece Knife Set with Magnetic Bar, 3", Black

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PREMIUM QUALITY, HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION: All the Knives Are Made of Heavy Duty Stainless Steel and They Are Corrosion Resistant and Dishwasher Safe! What Is More, They Are Safe-Coated and Incomparably Hygienic, Keeping You and Your Family 100% Safe!
A KNIFE SET THAT SERVES YOUR EVERY NEED: The Gela Global Kitchen Knife Set Includes Paring, Cheese, Utility, All-Purpose, Santoku, Sandwich, Bread, Slicing, Chef and Tomato Knives! Additionally, The 10-Piece Knife Set Comes with a Magnetic Bar That Holds Each Tool in Place! It can Fit Easily Into Any Kitchen and You’ll Never Misplace Your Gela Knives! Forget About Wasting Your Money on Buying Individual Knives in Order to Create a Complete Knife Collection and Make This Set Yours Now!
PICK THE COLOR OPTION THAT YOU LIKE MOST: No Matter What Your Kitchen Style, This Knife Set Is Ideal for You! You Can Pick the Classy, Elegant Black Knife Set Or You Can Go for the Colorful One That Will Give a Fun, Joyful Touch to Your Kitchen and Table.
MAKE AN AMAZING, EXTREMELY USEFUL PRESENT TO SOMEONE YOU LOVE: This Top Notch, Must Have Cutting Utensil Set Comes in a Nice Gift Box Packaging. If You Have a Friend That Loves Cooking, Offer Him Or Her This Set As a Present and Put a Big Smile on Their Face!
COMFORTABLE, ERGONOMIC HANDLES: Stop Struggling with Low Quality, Cheaply Made Knives Once and for All! The Gela Global Kitchen Knives Feature a Slip-Resistant, Sturdy Plastic Handle That Provides You with a Steady Grip, Allowing You to Easily Handle Them and Cut Anything You Like Effortlessly.

A Knife for Every Purpose
A Knife Set That Serves Your Every Need: The Gela Global kitchen knife set includes paring, cheese, utility, all-purpose, santoku, sandwich, bread, slicing, chef and tomato knives! Additionally, the 10-piece knife set comes with a magnetic bar that holds each tool in place! It can fit easily into any kitchen and you’ll never misplace your Gela knives! Forget about wasting your money on buying individual knives in order to create a complete knife collection and make this set yours now!

Gela global presents you with the ultimate, must have 10 piece kitchen knife set! have you had enough with cheaply made, USELESS knives? have you been looking for a complete knife series set that will serve your every need? well, you should stop looking for it because you are at the right place! a top notch knife set that includes everything you need! this amazing cutting tool set includes a variety of different knives that are bound to meet all your demands! the Gela global knife set contains Paring, cheese, utility, all-purpose, Santoku, sandwich, bread, slicing, chef and tomato knives too! additionally, the 10-Piece knife set comes with a magnetic bar that holds each tool in place! it can fit easily into any kitchen and you’ll never misplace your Gela knives! premium quality, incomparably durable construction these amazing knives are made of heavy-duty stainless steel and they are built to last! they are corrosion resistant and dishwasher safe, allowing you to easily keep them clean. Last but not least, they feature unbreakable, slip resistant plastic handles that offer you a firm, comfortable grip. Pick the set that best suits your needs and taste this stainless steel kitchen knife set is available in Black and in a Color assortment version. If you are a fan of class and elegance, you should go for the Black knife set. On the other hand, if you would like to give a more playful touch to your kitchen and table, the colorful set is the best choice for you! you will receive the knife set in a nice gift box packaging, which makes it the perfect present for every cook and kitchen enthusiast! do not waste time and place your order now while supplies still last!”


LYTACTICS Hunting Deer Knife Set Field Dressing Kit Forest Portable Butcher Game Processor Set, 12 Pieces

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Materials and Designs: Handles Are All in Forest Colours with Ergonomic Materials for Concealing and Non-Slip Purposes. Handles and Blades Are Manufactured in Great Balance in Multiple Practices. Blades Are Made of 7cr17mov Steel and Have Experienced 7 Times Heat-Treated Tests to Ensure Their Hardness and Durability.
Game Knife Set Includes: 12″ Boning Knife; 9-1/2″ Gut-Hook Skinner; 8-1/2″ Hawkbill Blade Knife; 8-1/2″ Caping Knife; 12″ Gut-Hook Butcher Axe; 10-1/2″ Skinning Cleaver; 8-1/2″ Bone Saw; Ribcage Spreader (6-7/8″ to 12″); 9-1/4″ Game Shear; 11-7/8″ * 7-7/8″ Cutting Board; Knife and Shear Sharpener; Cleaning Gloves; Long-Sleeve Gloves.
Warm Notice: All Tools Should Be Kept in Place for Safe Use. Always Be Aware of the Blades While in Use. Clean the Knives After Use Is Necessary for the Long Run.
Satisfaction Guaranteed: We Provided a Solid Warranty and Friendly 24/7 Customer Service to Make Sure Your Purchase Was Worry-Free.
Portable and Organized: Our Knife Set Almost Has All the Tools and Knives You Need for the Game, You Can Take the Set Everywhere You Go and Keep Them All in Case.

Game Knife Includes
12″ Boning Knife;

9-1/2″ Gut-Hook Skinner;

8-1/2″ Hawkbill blade knife;

8-1/2″ Caping Knife;

12″ Gut-Hook Butcher Axe;

10-1/2″ Skinning Cleaver;


F. Dick Pro-dynamic Paring Knife 5 Piece Knife Set - 4.5" Blades - All-Purpose Kitchen Knives - Ideal For Paring, Boning, and Trim Work - German Made - Perfect Set For Chef Or Home

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Impact and Temperature Resistant Injection Molded Polymer Handles
5 Piece Set – Blue, Black, White, Yellow, and Red – 4.5″ Blades
Made in Germany
Lifetime Guarantee Against Defects
High Carbon Professional Strength German Stainless Steel

A colorful 5 piece set of F. Dick’s high quality German paring knives. 4.5″ spear-point blades, made of high carbon stainless steel, with a lightweight yet durable polymer handle.


Old Hickory Cutlery Knife Set

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Easily sharpened blades made with high (1095) carbon steel fully heat-treated and tempered for razor-sharp cutting edges. Hardwood handle branded Old Hickory and secured with brass compression rivets. Includes 4″ No.750-4 and 3-1/4″ No.753-3-1/4 paring knives 6″ No.72-6 boning knife 7″ No.7-7 butcher knife and 8″ No.75-8 slicing knife.


JA Henckels International Silvercap 3-Piece Starter Set

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Single-Piece, Precision-Stamped, High-Quality Stainless Steel Blade Offers Durability
Set Includes 3″ Parer; 5″ Serrated Utility; 8″ Chef
Stainless Steel, Logo-Stamped Endcap Is Stylish and Sturdy
Micro-Serrated Edge Never Needs Sharpening
Made in China
Lightweight, Full Tang Design Yields Maximum Maneuverability
Ergonomic, Fully Molded Handle Provides Balance and Comfort
Dishwasher Safe
3″ Parer; 5″ Serrated Utility; 8″ Chef

Since 1895, HENCKELS has been making high quality knives at an exceptional value. As the modern kitchen specialist, HENCKELS now makes a full range of premium kitchen products that enhances the lives of professional and home chefs worldwide. From knives to cookware, flatware to accessories, HENCKELS crafts essential tools informed by its long cutlery tradition.

The Henckels International Silver cap 3-pc Starter Knife Set sets up new chefs to cut with confidence. Thanks to their handy micro-serrated edge, the blades never need to be sharpened. The all-rounder 8″ Chef’s Knife is perfect for chopping herbs and dicing onions while the 5″ Serrated Utility Knife is ideal for slicing tomatoes. The 3″ Paring Knife is excellent for detailed work—like peeling apples or removing blemishes. The knives offer single-piece, precision-stamped construction for long-lasting durability. Fabricated from superior stainless steel, the lightweight knives are easy to maneuver. The traditional, triple-riveted handle provides balance and comfort as you chop. With their stylish, stainless steel endcaps, you’ll want to show off your Silver cap. Henckels International makes essential kitchen tools every home chef needs. From steak knives to spatulas, every product offers high quality at an exceptional value. Created in 1895 by Zwilling J.A. Henckels, this value-driven brand guarantees the same durability, design and ease of use for which the global company is known. Equip your kitchen with expertise with Henckels International.


XYJ 5pcs/set Full Tang Boning Knife With Knives Bag Stainless Steel Meat Deboning Butcher Knife For Kitchen Camping Outdoor Tool Set

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[Blade Process Treatment&Design] The Blade of the Boning Be Design with Hammered. The Blade with Hole to Improve the Feel of Holding the Knife, Prevent the Knife From Falling, and Have a Higher Sense of Security.
[High Quality Stainless Steel] The Blade of This Boning Knife Is Made of 3Cr13 Stainless Steel, and It Uses a V-Shaped and Fine Processing Blade, Which Can Maintain the Sharpness of the Kitchen Knife for a Long Time with Incredible Robustness and Quality.
[Full Tang Handle Design] Ergonomic Full Tang Handle Can Prevent the Blade Comfortable to Grip and Non-Slip Effect. The Kitchen Cleaver Butcher Knife Is a Great Beauty, Impeccable Performance This Strong Design with a Good Strength, Durability.

5pcs/set Full Tang Stainless Steel Boning Knife With Knives Bag
boning knife
The XYj Brand stainless steel knife is produced by professional workers with abundant industrial experience, adopted integrated design, instead of welding the blade and handle, or just simply assemble them together.

The blade of this boning knife is made of 3Cr13 stainless steel, and it uses a V-shaped and fine processing blade, which can maintain the sharpness of the kitchen knife for a long time with incredible robustness and quality. it is suitable for cutting, dicing, slicing with vegetables, fruit bread and meat, adding satisfaction and enjoyment of kitchen,outdoor barbecue, hunting or hiking experience.

The blade of the boning be design with hammered. its blade with safety hole to improve the feel of holding the knife, prevent the knife from falling, and have a higher sense of security.

product size
Package Includes:
1 * 5 Inch Boning Knife

1 * 6 Inch Boning Knife

1 * 6 Inch Boning Knife

1 * Roll Knife Bag

1 * Mini Whetstone

width use
Pay Attention:
Please don’t put in dishwasher.

Please keep it away from children.

The boning knife is made of stainless steel, not easy to rust.

Please don’t keep the edge and point of knife aim to people.

Please don’t catch the knife by hand when the knife drop down.

Acidic or alkaline substances cannot stay on the blade for a long period.

Please clean and dry the knife after using, and place it to the dry place.

The blade is very sharp, please don’t use you finger to test the knife’s sharpness.

For safety concern, the sheath may be a little tight to prevent probability of the knife falling out.


Zyliss Set of 2 Paring Knives Knife Set

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10cm/4″ Serrated Paring Knife
9cm/3.5″ Paring Knife
Soft Touch, Secure Grip Handles
Protective Blade Covers for Safe Storage
High Quality Stainless Steel Blades

Zyliss Set of 2 Paring Knives Knife Set can replace all of the other knifes in your Kitchen. Built well to last for years even with daily use. Zyliss Set of 2 Paring Knives Knife Set provides Comfort, Control, Size and Feel to let you cut in straight lines. Very easy to use for all your Paring needs.


Fixwell Stainless Steel Knife Set, 12-Piece

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12 Pcs Set, Colors Vary
Quality Product
Made in Germany
Can Use Variously

Fixwell Knives Stainless Steel 12 Pc Set. Made in Germany. Very well for multi purpose use. Many different colors in set.


JERO P3 Series Meat Processing Set - 3-Pc Butcher Knife Set - Cimeter, Breaking/Trim and Boning Knife - German High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blade

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German High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blades With Computer Controled Sharpening
JERO 3 Piece Meat Processing Set Includes 10″ Blade Cimeter, 8″ Blade Breaking/Trim Knife, And 6″ Blade Curved Boning Knife
Lifetime Guaranteee Against Defects In Material And Workmanship
Ideal Set For Commercial And Home Butchering Or BBQ Competition
Commercial Grade Polymer Handles Are Injection Molded And Are Impact And Temperature Resistant

Jero is one of the world’s most respected names in commercial cutlery manufacturing. They have produced knives for some of the largest names in knives and kitchenware. Their own brands of knives are quickly becoming a favorite with commercial users in the food service and meat processing industries. This set includes a 10″ cimeter for slicing, an 8″ breaking knife for breaking down carcasses and trim work, and a 6″ curved stiff boning knife, which is perfect for trim, boning, slicing, and even field dressing a whole deer. Note: Knives are sized by blade length. So a 10″ cimeter has a 10″ blade and a 5.5″ handle. Steel is true German stainless steel. If you are looking for a commercial quality knife, at a reasonable price, then jero should be your top choice.


Global Tool-Knife-Sets G-23861-3 Pc, Stainless Steel

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Balanced Stainless Steel Molded Dimpled Handle, Provides Safe Grip
Blade Construction: CROMOVA 18 High Carbon Stainless Steel
Made in Japan Blade Length: 16-9-20 Centimeters
Hand Wash with Gentle Dish Soap & Dry
Blade Edge Is Ground on Each Side Creating a Straight Sharp Edge

Global Knives have two most innovative features – their edge and the way they are balanced. The most important feature of any knife is its edge. The blade is made from one of the finest steels- CROMOVA 18 stainless steel. This special steel is ice-tempered and hardened to a Rockwell Hardness of 56-58, which remains razor sharp longer than any other steel and resists rust, stains and corrosion. The blade edge is ground on both sides of the blade like western style blades; however the edge is ground to a straight point rather than a beveled edge which results in a razor sharp edge that will stay sharper longer. To balance the blade, all Global knives have a unique hollow handle filled with the right amount of sand to create the perfect balance. Global knives are truly unique. Made in Japan Set Contains: 3.5-inch Paring Knife 6.25-inch Tomato Knife 8-inch Chef’s Knife.


Arcos Knife, average, Black

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Arcos Kitchen Knife Set Is Made of Nitrum Stainless Steel Blade, An Exclusive Nitrogen Steel ARCOS Formula That Provides More Hardness, Greater Cutting Power and Improved Durability of the Edge
Arcos Kitchen Knife Set Is Composed of a Box with 4 Pcs (3 Knives + 1 Scissors) Total Knives. Perfect to Have All Type of Knives in Your Kitchen to Cook Easier and Use Professional Tools
Vegetable Knife + Kitchen Knife + Chef Knife + Scissors
Stainless Steel Rivets That Prevent Corrosion, Prolonging the Useful Life of the Knife. Knives Manufacture 100% MADE IN SPAIN
Arcos Paring Knives Handles Made of Polypropylene (PP), a Very Light Hygienic Material Resistant to Shocks, Chemicals and High Temperatures

ARCOS leading European knife manufacturer, introduces Maitre series, range of knives 100-percent made in Spain since 1745. Arcos 4 pcs set includes: 8-inch chef knife, 6-inch kitchen knife, 4-inch paring knife and 8-inch scissors. Arcos Maitre range was originally designed by Arcos more than 30 years ago. Still today is one of Arcos best sellers worldwide. The blade is made of Nitrum stainless steel, exclusive Arcos registered stainless steel ensuring high cutting power and long edge retention. The handle made of copolymer polypropilene is extremely strong, light resistant and have an attractive long lasting finish. Rivets made of high quality stain-less alloy avoids corrosion. Originally Arcos produced knives exclusively for the professional. Due to its high cutting power (over 100 mm) and long edge retention (over 350 mm) which made Arcos knives leader in the commercial market, now Arcos knives are also available for the end users that wants to feel in theirs hands a precise cutting tool used by professional chefs worldwide

The best kitchen knife sets you can buy in 2022.

How does the Knife Feel

A good knife should feel like a second hand. The knife should feel comfortable to hold and be easy to use. The handle and the blade shouldn’t feel heavier than one another. It’s a good idea for you to practice slicing before you buy or start cutting in your kitchen.

What is it made of?

High-carbon stainless steel is the basis of almost all modern high-quality knives. Carbon blades are easier to maintain and sharpen, but they can also discolor and rust. Stainless steel is a great addition to your blades. It requires minimal maintenance and can be maintained for a long time.

Knife blades can be either forged from steel or stamped from it. Forged blades can be made from one piece of molten steel, while stamped blades can be punched from a large sheet. Forged blades tend to be stronger and last longer. To ease the transition from the blade to your hand, they have comfortable handles that are equipped with a bolster (or a metal band) to protect your hands. They also have a full-tang, which means that the blade runs through the handle, giving you great control. Forged knives can be more expensive, heavier, and less flexible than regular knives. Some prefer lighter-weight stamped blades that are easier to maneuver around bones or small items like mushrooms caps.

Knives come in two styles

American knives are mostly Western-style. Because they are meant to cut through large amounts of meat and root vegetables, they tend to be heavy and thick. A German knife has a bolster and curve blade that make it easier to cut and slice. French knives have a more straight edge which is more suitable for slicing.

Asian knives have become very popular in the last decade. They are lighter and thinner than regular knives and feature a lower angle blade. This knife is ideal for delicate foods such as fish and tender vegetables. This makes them more comfortable and allows them to make precise cuts. However, they must be handled with care and should not be used to cut butternut squash or to remove bones.

American chefs love the santoku. It has a large, wide blade and is the most common Asian shape. It is primarily designed for slicing, and can do almost everything a chef’s knives can. It’s not as easy to rock back and forth, or score vegetables, due to its straight blade.

You still need to sharpen your knives – even in a Knife Block set

The most important thing about a knife is its sharpness. A sharp blade is the key to any well-balanced, luxurious, and comfortable knife. Sharp knives are safer and do the job faster. A sharp blade is less likely to cause injury than a duller one. If your knife is dull, it can slide off a tomato and instead of cutting down. You can test the sharpness of your knife by cutting a single sheet vertically. A sharp knife will slice through paper without leaving any marks.

You will need to resharpen your knives’ blades every now and again. Either bring them in or send them there once a year, or you can do it yourself with a countertop or electric model. You can find our top picks for knife sharpeners as well as the one that a Food Network staffer swears to.

How we picked

We used our many years of experience in testing knives and using them in our homes to perform a variety of tasks, including dicing vegetables, hacking up chickens, and carving roasts. To find out what other home cooks had to say, we looked at reviews on review sites.

We also considered how easy the knives were to hold and how they cut. We picked a selection that we believe you will use in your everyday cooking.

Common belief is that knives are an extension to a cook’s hands. However, while knives are undoubtedly the most important tool in the kitchen, it’s not necessary to have a handful of reliable knives for most cutting, slicing and carving tasks. The question is: Should you purchase each one individually or as a whole set? If you are missing a few specific types, then the answer is no. Sets are acceptable, however.

There are many options for curated groups that can be found. These range from three to twenty-something pieces. They include all types of chef’s knives, as well as mixed ones. Some even have sharpening tools or blocks. You’ve probably seen the kitchen section at any home-goods shop. While it may seem appealing initially, you will soon see that there are many unnecessary pieces that will eventually end up in your cutlery drawer. It’s important to not buy too many accessories and blades that you won’t use.

Experts were asked about their top knife sets. I assumed that they are either starting from scratch or reworking the foundation of the collection. You can also browse the many other groups if you like the sound or design of any of these brands.

We all know how difficult it can be to cook, from carving a Sunday roast to finely cutting an onion. A good knife set will allow you to enjoy easy chopping and slicing for many years.

You will have a variety of options, from bread knives to classic chef’s knives. A good set will also cover all bases so that you don’t need to worry about missing a crucial piece of equipment.

Which knife set should you buy?

Our experts tested 21 knife sets at the GHI. These are the knives they recommend that you buy:

How do you choose the best knife set?

Each set on our list contains at least five knives. This should be enough for most home chefs. Look at the types of dishes you like to cook and choose the best knives. For example, vegetarians won’t need a carving knife. It will be necessary for roast lovers.

Don’t forget to budget. The knives on our list range in price from PS41.99 up to PS480. To enjoy high-quality knives, you don’t have to spend a lot. For most kitchens, PS200 will suffice.

Care for your knives:

You can keep your knives clean for many years by taking the time to maintain them. It’s worth it to get into the habit of cleaning and sharpening them properly, as well as storing them securely.

The best knife set for your kitchen ultimately depends on your needs, but no matter which one you choose, make sure it’s quality.

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